Where to Sell Unwanted Stash

If you want to sell items from your stash, there are several routes you can go. I don't endorse any of these. Buyer/seller beware!  Read the descriptions of how each place works carefully. If you know of places I omitted, email me at chillyhollow@hotmail.com so I can add them. Thanks!

Sue Dulle has posted an interesting article on her blog about how she organizes and tracks selling stash online.

First of all, eBay is the traditional place to unload stash. If you want to avoid the hassles of setting up an eBay account and handling the sales yourself, there are several shops that do stash sales for customers, for a percentage of the ending sale. Both Stitchen Time (formerly Beth's Needlepoint) in Kentucky and Fireside Stitchery in Pennsylvania offer this service.


Gail at Cash Your Stash is recommended by folks on Facebook.  She sells via eBay.

So does Susan Archer.  Contact her via her Facebook page.

Amber and Nicole have started a new destashing business (September 2019).  It's called Needlepoint Destashing.

Stitching Destashing is a blog that sells via the blog and also on Facebook. If you are interested in buying or selling, check with the website or email Pat Miller at ndleartnut@aol.com

Like everything else, there are groups for buying and selling needlepoint stash on Facebook. Many require that you use Paypal. To join a stash sales group, use search to find it on Facebook, then click on “Join” on the page. An exception to that is Needlepoint Nation Stash Exchange which is the oldest stash sales group for needlepoint. To join you must use Facebook’s Message system to alert the group administrator you wish to join NNSE. You need to have been part of a needlepoint group of some sort for at least three months to join. They try and vet members to make sure members are serious about needlepointing and to keep scammers out. There’s an extensive description of how the group works at the top of their page. Note there are limits to how many pieces you can post at once and they have to be removed if they don’t sell after a set time. Paypal preferred.

Stitchin’ Stuff for Sale welcomes any form of needlework except finished pieces. Allows cross-posting of stash other places. Posts go right up, as they don’t have to be approved by an admin. Needlepoint sells here, but there’s lots of cross stitch and embroidery as well.

Needlepoint Swap Meet is newer and is all needlepoint or needlepoint-related items. It allows cross-posting. There are no limits on posting, but everything is approved by an admin, which may take several hours. PayPal preferred.

Good Buy Needlework is run by two needlepoint shop owners. Note that they do not allow cross-posting and posted items don’t have to be approved by an admin. Paypal preferred.

Etsy has several shops that sell needlepoint stash. These come and go so I haven’t listed any here. Some people say it is a great place to sell stash. Once again, check the shop rating before you buy and how much commission you have to pay for a sale before you set up a shop for stash sales.

Also check with your local shop. A Stitch in Time in California has a "trash-to-treasure" event where people donate stash, get some credit, and proceeds from selling the actual "trash" go to charity. Meredith Willett also does this at M's Canvashouse in Kentucky. Other shops have yearly yard sales (Homestead Needle Arts). These are just the sales I’ve heard about and I am sure there are more.

Stitchen Time in Kentucky also does stash sales.  You may know them as Beth's Needlepoint.  The shop has sold and changed its name but the stash sales continue.

New in Feb. 2023, Ebb and Flow Needlepoint sells via Instagram and a website.  

New December 2024, Little Shop Around the Corner's finishing customers are asking her to sell their unwanted items on consignment.  Send items (keep the tracking information) to:
PMB 152

Next Stage Vintage is a move management company that also sells all sorts of things on the side.  They are in Northborough,Massachusetts.

Your local chapter of EGA or ANG may also have a stash sale or exchange, or might be willing to try hosting one.

Needlepoint in Paradise in Naples, Florida has a consignment sale area. You can shop long distance via their website. Email them for help listing items for sale at their site.    As of the summer of 2019, the shop is discontinuing this service.

CanvasesBeGone is set up to sell stash and also occasionally sells on eBay.  Canvases Be Gone is closed due to the death of Dale Miller and her husband.  (August 31, 2019)   Those who have questions about consignments please call Parker Miller at 402-677-6878.


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FYI: In Stitches in Atlanta has closed.

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