Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Luna Mystery

Cloak Stitches?
Last night I did some test stitching, trying out threads and colors and stitches that I will use for the inside of Luna's cloak.  I'm not going to tell you which stitch I choose, I'm going to let you try and figure that out yourself.  Above are three of the four stitches I thought might work.   In the photo above I'm using various weights of Planet Earth's 6 Ply Silk.

All the stitches I tried out are Tony Minieri's from his Stitch of the Month project for 2009.  What you see above are (from left to right) June, September and July  I ran out of time before looking at March, so it isn't shown above.

Which one would you use for the cloak's lining and why?

There's a new blog on my Blog List this morning.  Vicky DeAngelis, who is a superb stitcher, has started posting about her work.  You are going to have fun watching what she does with her stitching and with her blog.

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