Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bead Shopping Results

The photo shows the results of my bead shopping yesterday.  I'm sorry it is a crappy scan but all the beads are lifting the NP canvas off the scanner bed and making it impossible to get a clear photograph.  The next photos I post will be real photographs.  They won't be as detailed but at least they'll be better quality!

Anyone who has been paying close attention to earlier pictures will have noticed that I moved the loop from the left side of the case to the right side.  I noticed yesterday when studying the Etsy photos of Kimberly's own design of a later case she sold there that she'd switched the loop to the right hand side instead of having it on the left as the instructions say.  Since she has stitched her laying tool case several times, I decided she must have concluded that having the loop moved made it easier to open and close the case so I cut off the original loop and moved it to the right.  Then I added my new beads.  The loop bead is a glass cylinder filled with cinnamon colored sparkles and the closure flat round bead is a polished agate. They are both very pretty and in colors that go well with my thread palette.  The other beads in the loop and closure are the same ones I used for my inner bead border.

I've already cut my piece of Ultrasuede for the lining.  Today I hope to get it stitched into pockets for the tools.  The Ultrasuede is almost 4 inches longer than the case is tall. That length is folded up and stitched with vertical lines to make the pockets.

Before I forget, there is a great new place to buy small pieces of Ultrasuede.  Orna Willis offers packs of 5 assorted but related colors for only $3 plus shipping.  This are small swatches of around 4x3 inches, but that's enough to finish small ornaments.

I have already trimmed my needlepoint canvas to 10 threads out from the edge, clipped the corners and pressed the raw edges under.  Once the lining is finished, I will hand sew the lining to the NP and the case will be finished.

Everyone please cross their fingers that my sewing machine behaves!

Jane, signing off from CH where Evil Sewing Machine lives

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More TNNA News

Now that the January TNNA show is over, folks who went are back home, unpacked and blogging about their experience.  The most elaborate description of the show (with tons of pictures!) is from DMC's new blog.

Robin King (from Amy Bunger's operation) wrote a charming ode to her TNNA nametag on the new NP Study Hall blog, which details Amy's new Halloween class, with a few other things about her shop and the folks who work there thrown in.

Janet Perry continues her updates about new products with a list of the new colors of congress cloth available.  Thanks for telling us what colors like "Vintage" look like, Janet!

By the way, at least two shops already have posted photographs of new items, including things from the January show.  Here they are in alphabetical order.

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