Saturday, July 25, 2020

The Pharaoh's Statue

Highlights on Basketweave

I've finished basketweaving the statue on my Pharaoh canvas!  It took a while to do because I had to do the black areas in stolen moments during the day when I could see to stitch black on black.  I am not sure you can see the final touch I added to the basketweave.  I added metallic highlights.  To do this, use a very fine metallic and a beading needle.  Then turn the canvas a quarter turn so that Pharaoh is lying down and do a few tent stitches over the tent stitch layer you've already done.

This is the thread I used—Sulky's overdyed #7027 which is a mix of gold, red and green.   Sulky is a machine embroidery thread that is very fine.

I bought my spool at Joann's Fabrics.  I had a spool of copper Accentuate but I liked the color mix of the Sulky so that's what I used.  There are sparkles on his shoulder, around his eye and cheek and a few on his headdress.  They are hard to see but this is the best photo I could get.  In person the sparkle is more apparently.  I wanted the look of granite which has crystals in it.

Once the statue was done, it's time to stitch the feather fan.  I'll explain how I worked that next time.

By the way, I have listed all the postings about this design on the Chilly Hollow Stitch Guides blog so you can easily follow along as I blog stitch this.

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