Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lessons from Stitchers Treasures UPDATED

Stitchers Treasures is off at a needlework retreat.  Luckily for us, they are posting lessons learned each day so that when we get to go off on retreat, we'll be ready.  (Warning:  swallow your drink and put the mug down before reading the links below.)




UPDATE:  The final lesson

Didn't I tell you to put that drink down before reading?  Here's a paper towel....

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21st Century Sequins

Since we are stitching in the 21st Century, we need 21st Century sequins!  I've already told you about the new sequins from Sundance on Blog, a selection of which a friend got for me from Sundance.  They are fabulous!  Just ask Red Geisha who has them sparkled across her wig....

Pocket Full of Stitches has been showing off photos of their new shaped sequins, which are from The Collection.


The Collection website has the two sizes and the colors shown but not all the shapes yet, so you'll want to visit the above links for that.  You can see nice closeups of the colors and get the color names/numbers by clicking on a thumbnail here.

The Collection also sells beads and the wooden disk bead holders.  Note that they have size 15 beads which are TINY.  I normally like to use size 11 beads on 18 count unless the area is solidly beaded.  Then I try to find size 14 beads.  Size 15s are a gift from the gods!

 Wait'll you see what Denise did with sequins on her Vintage Christmas ornament canvas!

Not to mention what PFOS is doing to that fish!  We sure are lucky to be stitching now.

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow Blogging at http://chillyhollownp.blogspot.com and at http://chstitchguides.blogspot.com