How To Paint Your Own Needlepoint Canvas

A lot of folks want to know how to paint their own needlepoint canvas.  You may need to change a color, want to transfer a child's drawing to canvas to stitch it, or just interested in stitching your original designs.  Whatever reason behind your design to paint your own canvas, there is help online.

Susan Roberts (The Needlepoint Teacher) has a great video on how to transfer a line drawing to canvas.

The American Needlepoint Guild has a section on their FAQ page with help from needlepoint designers on choosing the right pen or paint to use.  This may be unavailable now as ANG transitions to a new website.

The late Lula Change of Wooly Dreams wrote on her website how she painted her canvases.  She makes it sound easy.

Cynthia has also written about painting canvases.

Althea DeBrule explains what to do step by step.

UPDATES:  Abigail Cecile has uploaded a tutorial video on her website.

SBT Stitches has also posted a video on their Facebook page.

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