Saturday, September 30, 2017

Free Scissor Fob Pattern

Colour Complements just posted a great free scissor fob pattern on their blog.  The design is by Susan and is in a PDF file. Susan used two colors of size 5 perle cotton from Colour Complements but of course you can raid your stash for what you need to stitch this on 18 count needlepoint canvas.

Many thanks to Susan and of course to Lorraine for her lovely threads!

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Friday, September 29, 2017

The Needlepointer Has a New Home

The Needlepointer has moved from Everett, Washington to Edmonds, Washington.  Their new address is 22811 100th Ave West, Edmonds, WA 98020 and their phone numbers are (425) 252-2277 or (888) 252-9733.  Here's wishing them great success in the new location.

They are now open Monday through Friday from 10 - 6 and on Saturdays from 10 - 4.  They are closed Sundays.  Of course their online store is open 24/7.

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Bobbin and Fred Plays with Rhodes Stitch UPDATED

Bobbin and Fred has a lot of fun playing with colors in Rhodes Stitch on plastic canvas.

UPDATE:  Shannon fixed the above link!  So now you can play with colors, too.

Plus Bobbin and Fred have a great article about using plastic canvas to make a phone case that is fabulous.  It's perfect for the beginner, too.   Hope you like it.

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Thirty-Five New Colors of DMC UPDATED AGAIN

Fleur de Paris just posted a photograph of the thirty-five new colors of DMC six ply cotton floss that are being released shortly!

UPDATE:  Here's another photo, courtesy of Needle in a Haystack, for those who don't have Facebook accounts.

UPDATE #2:  Thanks to Kate I have the photo of the new colors with their color names and numbers.

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Sandy Arthur's Bullion Tutorial

Sandy Arthur has added a bullion knot tutorial to her latest blog posting about upcoming classes.  There are diagrams and photos and a nice explanation, plus information about the needles Sandy recommends to make things easier.

If your favorite shop doesn't stock these needles, Colonial Needle sells them on their website.  In my experience, Colonial ships very quickly, too.  Plus they have Cynthia Thomas' video on making bullions right there on their page.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Beading Diagrams from The Needle Works

The Needle Works' blog has a nice diagram of various styles of beading. You can see diagrams for brick stitch beading, for stuffing beads inside Flair, for tent stitch beading, for attaching single beads with a cross stitch or a lasso, and for basketweave beading.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Berlin Embroidery Has a New Website

Tanja Berlin has a new website!  If you are curious about needle painting animals, you will love seeing Tanja's kits, many of which have diagrams posted so you get a sense of how she analyzes and then stitches animals for a very realistic look.  This is a good place for goldwork supplies as well, and her blackwork designs are gorgeous. Have fun browsing.

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A Profile of Cleopatria's Needle

The latest newsletter from Needlepoint for Fun profiles the British needlepoint kit company Cleopatra's Needle.

If you'd like to see more besides what the shop has on sale from the company, here is the Cleopatra's Needle website.  They use printed canvases and Appleton wool and pack everything into the kits in Scotland.

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Monday, September 25, 2017

A Bit About Premax Scissors

Kreinik's latest blog posting talks about three styles of Premax scissors from Italy that they distribute.  I've been seeing photos of these online and am glad to learn more about them.  After all, Christmas is coming and I've been very good this year, Santa….

If you are tempted and cannot wait on Santa Claus, you can order online here.

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

More Needlepoint News, This time from Dallas

The September 2017 newsletter from Leigh Designs is out, and everyone is talking about it. Leigh summaries the fun and the facts from Destination Dallas, then gives us a glimpse into the future.

It's a must read for everyone who wants to know what's going on in Needlepoint World.

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Needlepoint in the News!

Needlepoint is in the news a lot these days.   Don Lynch of Associated Talents was flipping through a magazine at the beach and found a Melissa Shirley design on a couch pillow in one of those swanky apartment profiles in the September 2017 edition of "Traditional Home."

Then Annie and Company showed off an Esurance commercial filmed at the shop in Manhattan.

And here is another commercial with a stitcher!

I can't wait to see what's next!

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Smart Cookie Award for September goes to Leigh HW

Leigh HW found an older dresser to hold her stitching supplies. She stripped and refinished it, then added casters on the bottom to make it easy to move.  The finishing is lovely and she's even figured out a way to make the knobs needlepointed!  To see all five photographs, use the right side arrows to browse.

Congratulations, Leigh—this is fabulous!

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New and on Display from Lorene Salt

If you happen to live near Aurora, Ontario, you will want to stop by the Lorene Salt exhibition at The Aurora Public Library,  If not, you'll want to read the Embroidery Association of Canada's profile of new works from Lorene Salt on their blog.

And you will love watching the video about Lorene and the exhibit.

For more information about Lorene and her work, look at the Counted Designers section here on Blog.

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Needle in a Haystack Reports on Destination Dallas

Needle in a Haystack has news from Destination Dallas, including a mini report on the show with new products they have brought back to Alamadea.

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A Brief Light Coverage Tutorial, Part Two UPDATED

Melissa Shirley's "Red Geisha"

Once you understand a bit about how to create light coverage stitches by picking a stitch and a thread that won't cover the intricately painted areas, then you need to understand the problem that using light coverage stitches mixed with regular coverage stitches can cause on a canvas.

For illustration I'm using Melissa Shirley's "Red Geisha" which has areas of light coverage (the face) mixed with areas that are covered in solid stitches (everything else).  Often you will see a light coverage background with solid coverage everywhere else.  That makes logical sense because light coverage stitches recede while full coverage stitches look as if they are closer to the viewer.  So how come I used light coverage for a face?  Because faces tend to be focal points and often you can get away with light coverage on a focal point.   In this case the expression of the face, particularly the more heavily stitched lips, eyes and eyebrows mask the fact that I used light coverage stitches on the bulk of the face.

You can also get away with light coverage in foreground areas if you intend to draw the eye by using beads or sequins or metallics or other heavy textures.  Ruth Schmuff used a light coverage for her background AND flowers AND birds but the birds have beads and the flowers have very textural stitches, even though they do not complete cover the painted canvas.

If you use light coverage everywhere, as in Kirk and Hamilton's "Magnolias," stitched by Pat Miller you don't have to worry about heavy coverage areas overwhelming the light coverage ones.  (She has a stitch guide for this, by the way.)  In this case all the petals and leaves and the background were stitched with light coverage stitches.  Obviously if you plan to work the entire canvas in light coverage stitches, you don't have to worry about a mix of light coverage and regular coverage stitches.

To help you figure out what areas besides backgrounds can handle light coverage, I thought I'd use Melissa Prince's new small travel coaster canvases as examples.  These are all on 18 count, by the way.

Look at the pink flamingo for Florida in the second row.  You could use light coverage stitches for the martini glass because in real life glasses are transparent.  Just make sure the leaves sticking out of the drink aren't too dimensional and don't use stitches that stick up really high over the glass area for the flamingo float. That will look odd.  You could add sparkle to the glass with the use of beads, metallics or crystals to draw the eye and help the glass compete with the flamingo, though.

Look at Washington, D.C. in the third row.  You can use light coverage stitches for the buildings as long as you don't make the pink cherry blossoms or the blue sky too prominent.  The cherry blossoms are the focal point so it's ok for them to be dimensional. In fact, don't use light coverage for them.  That would look odd.  But don't have too heavy a hand here if the buildings and sky are both light coverage.  Balance is everything here.

The NYC skyline in the fourth row is a good design for light coverage stitches for the background and buildings and a heavier coverage for Miss Liberty's arm and torch.  That emphasizes the importance of Liberty over the ephemeral buildings of Manhattan that come and go as the city morphs and changes over time.

Make sense?  Use light coverage for focal points only when you can add emphasis in some other way.     If you have questions, post them in the Comments or email me at chilly hollow at hotmaildotcom.

By the way, here's the link to Part One of this light coverage tutorial, in case you missed it.

UPDATE:  It occurred to me that some sort of mention of what color to use on a beautifully shaded area is in order.  Light coverage stitches often are put on top of a multi-colored area like a flower petal or a skirt that is rippling in the wind.  In those instances I probably will choose either the most prominent color or a medium shade from the colors painted.  That's a starting point, though.  What color works best can sometimes only be discovered through trial and error.  Lay the end of the various skeins you are considering on top of the area and see which looks best to you.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

A Brief Light Coverage Tutorial, Part One UPDATED

One of today's needlepoint style trends is to not completely cover very detailed and shaded parts of a canvas with thread, but to choose open stitches that allow the shading to show through.   I've noticed people are curious about the technique so I thought I'd give some general  information on light coverage if you want to try it.

First of all, any stitch can be used for light coverage, even tent stitches.  Just use a lighter weight thread than normal.  Think about basketweave on a face—on 18 count one would normally use 3-4 plies of a cotton floss to cover.  Try using 1-2 plies instead.  Often the features (nose lines especially) will show through the thread and you can easily skip stitching those.  In the example pictured above, this discontinued Melissa Shirley 13 count design had the face stitched with one strand of Impressions, which allowed the expressive facial feature lines to shine through.  The nose, ear and neck lines were not stitched in gray.  You simply see the gray paint showing past the white Impressions.

When you use lighter coverage stitches, you are going to have to use different techniques to start or end threads since often there is no good place to tie off your stitches unless a heavier stitched area is next door.  (Red Geisha's face threads could be buried behind the robe area or her wig since those areas were full coverage.  Here is an older Blog article about starting and ending threads for light coverage stitches.

Here's another, more technical explanation from Joni Stevenson.

There are a whole series of books that talk about light coverage stitches. (See above.)  All three of Brenda Hart's books Favorite Stitches, Favorite Stitches II and Stitches for the Millennium (in the back row) feature stitches that work well in light coverage.  dede Odgen calls light coverage stitches Shadow Stitching and she has two books on the topic.  I own More Shadow Stitching but not Shadow Stitching.  The final book I recommend SuZy Murphy's Lite Stitches.  However, you can use any stitch as a light coverage stitch.  If you like darning stitches, the Finger Step Designs books has one you might be interested in.

UPDATE:  SharonG's "It's About Darn Time" is also a great reference for darning stitches.

Plus Amy Bunger's "Barely There" DVD is very useful as it is all about light coverage.

If you just want a few stitch ideas, read what Mary Legallet has to say about light coverage stitches, which she calls Open Work.

Tomorrow I'll talk about the problems of mixing light and regular coverage stitches on a canvas.  See you then!

Here's the link to Part Two for those who arrived late to the party--

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


As Jan at Thread Medley reminds us, the newest version of the Apple mobile device operating system is now available for download. But you should be aware that of all the stitch book apps for Apple devices, Stitch Landscape from Little Shoppe Canvas Company will no longer open once you upgrade.  I don't know if they plan an update to a 64 bit version of their book.

You can follow Jan's advice and take photos of the stitches you use a lot, or pick up a hard back version.  This is the best price I found.

Personally I have an old iPod Touch that I cannot upgrade so I'll use the copy of this lovely little book there instead of buying a hard copy.

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Circular Ornament Finishing Tutorials

This cross stitch tutorial shows how to finish a round ornament that is slightly puffy. Ovals are discussed also.  Although the piece finished is on Aida, not needlepoint canvas, the process is the same, even if the needlepoint canvas is stiffer, thus harder to cut, fold and manipulate.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Debbie Hosts a Stitch In UPDATED

Debbie at Painted Pony is hosting a stitch in for this darling Mary Charles canvas.  She's posted the threads that Needlepoint This! pulled for her with notes as to what area on the barn canvas they go and is asking for our ideas.  So everyone jump in and help Debbie get to work!

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Sheena's Favorites from Dallas

Sheena shows off her favorites from the new releases for last week's Destination Dallas on her blog.  It's always interesting to see what catches each person's eyes, as we all like different things and everyone notices something different.  Enjoy!

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Needlepoint Stitches: A Field Guide for Birds

Carolyn Hedge Baird's newest book is out now. Carolyn posted the cover page and a few inside pages on Facebook for people to see.  As you can see, it's a book of stitches useful for birds.

Now use the right side arrow to see the table of contents and several pages. Carolyn says that she used clip art birds and arrows in the text to help folks understand what direction the stitches should go for each part of the bird.  Clever!

I haven't seen a copy yet (it's just now available) but if you have and would like to do a mini review, please use the comments below or email me at chilly hollow at hot mail dot com.  Thanks!

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Bargello Alert!

Liz Morrow of LizArt has come up with another unique take on Bargello designs.  She specializes in Bargello with a twist, creating 4-way designs, mirror images, overlapping patterns or other unusual ways to combine Bargello elements.

Fans of Bargello and/or counted canvaswork can pick up Liz's fun charts on her website.

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Suzie Buys Amanda Lawford

Since it is now official, I can tell you that Suzie Vallerie of Enriched Stitch has purchased the Amanda Lawford/DC Designs line of canvases.  These are the designs from Amanda and her son Derek Clark which we have grown to know and love.

It's lovely that Amanda Lawford pieces will still be available.  We hope you get to sleep occasionally, Suzie!  Thank you.

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A Clever Tip for the Counted Crowd

If you have a charted piece in your near future, you might be able to use this tip from the Spinster Stitcher—she simply copies her chart and cuts out the relevant section and clips that to her canvas.  This makes it easier to work that section.

Many thanks to Miss Joyce for this clever idea and to Miss Coni for passing it along.

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Kaffe Fassett Exhibition Opens

If you will be anywhere newer Mottisfort Abbey (a National Trust property in Hampshire, England) today through January 14, 2018, be sure and visit the Kaffe Fassett exhibition which will include examples of his needlepoint, quilting, knits and much more.

Kaffe is a master of color and pattern.  If you get to see this, you'll never forget it.

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Another Mythic Crafts Special

Mythic Crafts is having another special promotion today through Sunday to promote their embroidery frames.   I got the following note from Mark this morning.

"I'm doing another promo this weekend (probably my last promotion for the year) as I need to make more embroidery frames. I'm offering free laser engraving (worth $17.50) on any made-on-demand frame (which already gets 12% off regular price!) from Friday to Sunday. These will all be shipping before the end of November, so will make a great Christmas gift. Promo is only available on my website (not Etsy). I also have a couple of new "standard" sizes listed, based on the most popular sizes for custom frames this year - this makes these large sizes much cheaper than a custom frame."

Thanks for the heads, up, Mark.  The idea of a personalize frame is intriguing, particularly as these are so beautifully made.  If you are interested, you have the weekend to get in on the offer.

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Expensive—Or Is It? UPDATED

Needlepoint is an expensive hobby, but considering the time spent, Enriched Stitch shows that a piece will entertain one on a per hour basis for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

UPDATE:  Make sure you read Pat's comment.  It's a very clever idea!

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Breaking News: No More Thread Heaven

Donna just noticed this Facebook announcement by Thread Heaven that they have ceased production of their Thread Heaven thread conditioner as they want to retire.

Donna also says there is a similar product called Thread Magic if you like using thread conditioners.  Here is a bit about it.

Thread Magic can be purchased at fabrics stores.

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Pocket Full of Stitches and Needle Works Report on Dallas

Two more shops are reporting back from Dallas in full.  First is Needle Works in Austin, Texas.

Pocket Full of Stitches in Lubbock, Texas did a very full report.

Many thanks to the shops that worked hard to keep us up to date.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Stitch By Stitch Summarizes Destination Dallas 2017

Stitch By Stitch in Larchmont, NY has kept their blog up to date with Destination Dallas summaries. If you don't have time to check the Destination Dallas tab here on Blog, it's not a bad place to see a good smattering of the new items.    Pay special attention to the Julie Paukert landscapes.  She has specialized in Boston scenes but I am thrilled she's doing other parts of our beautiful country now.

To see even more, visit their Pinterest page.

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A Clever Tip for Buttonhole Stitch

Sandy Arthur's latest class update has a bonus—a new and easier way to start buttonhole stitch!  I am definitely going to try this as it looks like it will make for a beautiful starting edge to a row of buttonhole stitches.  Thanks, Sandy.  And congratulations on your great-granddaughter's making it into Needle Pointers!  She's darling!

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

See the Royal School of Needlework on Pinterest

The Royal School of Needlework has started posting photographs of class and student projects on their Pinterest page.  If you want to see outstanding stitching, this is the place!

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Georgian Needlepoint Slippers

I thought you'd love seeing these beautiful needlepoint slippers, dated 1730-40 A.D.   They are English, stitched with wool on linen needlepoint canvas, and are from the Victoria and Albert Museum's collection.

You can see more about the shoes here.

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Kathy Fenchel's Needlepoint Adventure

The Detroit News has a nice profile of the teacher and designer Kathy Fenchel on their website.  Many thanks to Needlepoint Now for linking to this article.

If this intrigues you, you can see some of Kathy's painted canvases on the Quail Run website.  They distribute her work.

Kathy teaches at Homestead Needle Arts in Michigan.

If you aren't close enough to take a class from her, visit her 2006 Stitch of the Month project at the American Needlepoint Guild's website.  Even if you don't do her project, you can learn useful things like her turkeywork technique, whipped backstitch and how to add beads to your needlepoint canvas.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Free Design - Threedles

Counted canvasworkers can rejoice at this free design from Kurdy Biggs of Threedles, published by Rainbow Gallery.  It's a great introduction to her designs and to fancy dimensional stitches in general, so raid your stash and have a little fun with "Mardi Gras."

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Tips for Working with Glisten

Glisten is a new wool from Rainbow Gallery.  It comes on cards and is four plies of Merino wool and a metallic filament braided together.  It is not meant to be plied.  There are 26 colors currently.  Think Silk Lame Braid but with wool.  I have a small sample in soft gray that I haven't used yet but it is very pretty stuff.

You can see how spectacular Glisten is in turkeywork here.

Suzie at Enriched Stitch has written an article with tips for stitching with Glisten which is very useful.

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Destination Dallas 2017

Destination Dallas is a non-TNNA trade show held each year in Dallas, Texas.  In 2017 the show will be September 9-11 with classes beginning September 8.  The theme will be "Stitching on the Orient Express."  The newest items I find will be at the top of the list.  Browse Facebook postings of more than one photograph using the right and left side arrows.

I will stop posting to this area on December 1 and start posting new items to the January 2018 TNNA show tab.

Want to see the Destination Dallas 2017 final banquet video?

Here are shops that posted a bunch of photos from Destination Dallas: has uploaded photos of what they bought in Dallas to their website.  Things are organized by designer, which is nice.

Stitch by Stitch in Larchmont has already started adding photos of new designs to their Destination Dallas 2017 Pinterest page.

What's the Point? has a Facebook series of photos, too.

Amy's Golden Strand is uploading photos from Dallas.

The Needlepaint Nook is uploading photos to their FB page.

Louise's Needlework has posted a Facebook photo album of canvases they found and bought for the shop at Dallas.

Carolyn Hedge Baird is posting her favorites on her Needlepointing in Your Nest Facebook page.

BeStitched has a section of new items on their website.

Needles and Threads of Ruxton also has a Facebook photo album of purchases from Dallas.

Needle Hearts has a Facebook photo album of new items.

The Needle Bug posted photos on Facebook of their new items.

Frances Jue has posted a video of new designs on her Facebook page.

Judy's Stitchery Nook is posting photos of Destination Dallas goodies and booths to their Facebook page.

Here are individual updates for designers.

JP Needlepoint shows off the newest patriotic design—in ice cream cone form!

Tanja at Berlin Embroidery Designs has some new decorated wooden laying tools in stock that are really lovely.

Orna Willis has released her latest counted design—"Come Dance with Me."  It's a beauty!

Kimberly has a new Mod Ornament design made into a tote bag.  Isn't it beachy and Christmasy, too?!  Available at Bedecked and Beadazzled, her distributor.

Machelle Somerville has posted nine photos of new designs she has just finished on Facebook.

Kate Dickerson has posted photos of five new ikat-themed designs on Facebook and there are more on the way.

Chaparral now has a "Houston Is World Series Strong" ornament exclusive to the shop.

Fans of Alex Beattie's six "Creation" designs for Ehrman Tapestry will be thrilled to know that Ehrman has re-issued these.  You can see all the designs here.

Jody Valentine has a new series of Christmas tree canvases on her Etsy store that come with a matching wooden ornament.

Juli Poitras of JP Needlepoint has a new series of "Sweet Land of Liberty" patriotic confection canvases.

The Needlepointer has set up a What's New section of their website to show off the newest items that have arrived from the Dallas show.

Shana from STBstitches has a new and infinitely customizable diamond ring canvas in her Etsy store.  She'll add a monogram, the new couples' initials, dates, whatever if you want to stitch this for the new couple in your life.

The Needlepointer highlights Pippin Studio's new Lantern People series.

The Meredith Collection has updated their website with their new designs.

Ruth Schmuff gives a sneak peak at new canvases as she prepares for an embellishment class weekend.

Deux Bijoux Bijoux has posted ten new photos of their custom frames and trays (and even a tabletop!) on their Facebook page.  These are custom but they will recreate one for shops or come up with something totally new upon request. Use the right side arrow to see them all.;cNBwT0qLuKKc0PD3hApjr1goBdRWfpwkzIYNwXPDwJkC8YiVPdvhUT50Vc98WjM6rdX8LrVLZ1IcQDGP0BZsAiaA~-~-.bps.a.1711467198925967.1073741840.397414413664592/1711467442259276/?type=3&theater

Barefoot Needlepoint Designs has their new website ready!  When you click on various categories, don't miss reading "The Story Behind the Canvas" at the bottom of each section.

Leigh Designs'  November Surprise release is a set of eight cute gingerbread men, and all have stitch guides!  Stitch one, stitch them all!

Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery has a new pumpkin design from Kim Leo!

New Easter design from Hingham Square Needepoint Designs-

New saying from Pewter and Pine-

Annie Lane has three new stitching-themed animal canvases that are exclusive to Yarn Explosion, Roanoke, VA for now.  Contact Yarn Explosion to purchase.

Abigail Cecile has three darling small counted projects on her Etsy store.  Want something simple and relaxing you can grab and go with?  Or do you have a budding needlepointer in your life you need to kit out?  Go visit Abigail Cecile and see if the bird, bee or Michigan project are right for you.

To celebrate Halloween Melissa Shirley Designs shows off the brand new "Mummy Cat" from Mary Lake-Thompson.

Laura Perin has revisited her "Old Fellows Cross" quilt pattern and revamped it in new colors with modern threads.  It's a fun counted design to play with colors on.

Regency Alert!  The Historic Tapestry Shop's "Map of Bath" is now available as a printed kit.

Here is the newest Jody Valentine Christmas piece.

Ruth Schmuff shows off the latest Kimberly class to make it to Ruth's shop as a kit. It is called "Bubbles."  Check out that woven metallic border!

Ehrman has a new Klimt-inspired design by Candace Bahouth—"Klimt Circus."  Click on the Klimt link on the left side of the page to see all eleven of Candace's homages to this master artist.

Candace's "Avebury" is also new.

Kam's Handpainted Needlepoint has some cute sheep designs.  Those come with the heads, tails and legs and finishing instructions after you stitch the body.

Stitch by Stitch Larchmont shows off the newest Annie Lane Halloween piece—"The Gang's All Here."

Barbara's Needlepoint shows off the latest Christmas design from Cindy—"Noel" which they think would look great in a tray.

Thorn and Alexander has a new design for champagne lovers.  Also available in orange.

The Mermaid Inn is new from the Plum Stitchery.

Colour Complements in Canada has added overdyed rayon rickrack to their line of threads.  It has a subtle sheen and is only 1/4 inch wide.  You can see the nine colors available on Lorraine's blog.

Rainbow Gallery posted photos of the new colors of their Rainbow Persian.

LizArt has a new fun Bargello technique called "Slipped Strips."  You can buy the instructions and create your own pattern via the LizArt website (second link below).

EyeCandy Needleart has created three small round Kringle Bell ornaments to match the Kringle Bell stand ups.

Historic Tapestry Shop has a new printed design—a map of Cambridge.

There are new 50 colors of Rainbow Gallery's Glisten!

Rebecca Wood Designs has updated their website to show the latest Fall 2017 designs.

Here are the newest colors of Entice from Rainbow Gallery.

Strictly Christmas has updated their website with their newest treats.  There are a lot of different styles but "Baa-aa Humbug" cracks me up!  "I'm Dreaming of a Chocolate Christmas" is pretty funny, too.

It is October so Ruth Schmuff premiered two new Amy Breuken pumpkin people.  They are the cutest couple on the block.

Tango and Chocoloate has a new artist—Tatutina!

JP Needlepoint has a new cat Halloween design, very colorful and fun.

Apparently watermelons and pineapples are the new Halloween carved fruit.  I didn't know tha but Rachel Donley does!

Orna Willis shows a sneak peak at her newest design.

Two Sisters has updated their website with their brand new monogrammed shift dresses.

Enriched Stitch shows off the latest Amanda Lawford designs on the Enriched Stitch blog.  The Amanda Lawford website is being updated now.

Mary Tussey just announced her new "Witch Ballet" design is now available at Nashville Needleworks.

Pewter & Pine has a really funny new Halloween design perfect for the horror movie fan in your life.

Ehrman Tapestry's new catalog is out and their website has been updated to show everything in the catalog.  Some things are brand new, others are old favorites.

Laura Perin shows off a new quilt inspired chart—"Sagebrush Stars."  It's lovely!

Jolly Red has a new Christmas stocking, the "Owls Stocking." If you love traditional and owls, this is for you.

Danji just posted a Facebook photo album of all their new items for Dallas.

Laurel Wheeler now has personalized scissor cases.  Carry your favorite scissors in style….

The Needlework Retailer shows off the new "Joy of Christmas" stocking from Deux Amis.

Fleur de Paris shows off the 35 new colors of DMC cotton floss, coming out shortly!

Doodlin' Around Designs introduces The Floor Table. Perfect to slide next to your chair and then away again!

Pewter and Pine has a darling camel and pyramids ornament.

DMC shows off their four needlepoint kits.  They come with DMC tapestry wool and appear to be printed on 10 count needlepoint canvas.

Love You More has a new Day of the Dead couple, complete with chicken.  LOL

JP Needlepoint has some fun gnomes.

Needlepoint for Fun shows off the newest Nenah Stone designs (lots of birds!) and new Big Buddies magnets from the Meredith Collection.

Needle Delights Originals has new charts ready.  Besides a blueberry Color Delights, there are two Holiday Delights that have realistic elements, a departure for Kathy.  Just for fun there are photos of her last cyberclass so you can see the various color ways and finishes.  Fun!

Blue Dogwood Designs has a new design for the astronomer in your life—"Saturn."

Mindy's has updated her website with a lot of new designs, most of them Asian-themed.

Barbara's Needlepoint shows off three new pumpkin designs from Cindy.

Kelmscott Designs has updated their website with their latest scissors and needle minders.

Burnett and Bradley has a new Greek Key-patterned frame in green or blue.

Unique New Zealand has updated their website with their newest designs, including the amazing "Tree of Life."

Eye Candy is planning a bunch of word and name canvases with geometric backgrounds.

Julie Mar is busy updating their website with the new items.

Louise's Needlework posted the new colors of Rainbow Gallery's Entice.

Orna Willis introduces her latest design—"Thoughts."  It is available as a chart only or with the threads and beads.

LizArt has a new sneak peek at a new Bargello technique.  The instructions should be ready October 2017.

Painted Pony posted a video of their display at Destination Dallas on Facebook.

Leigh Designs has updated her website with the new Halloween series.

Melissa Shirley has updated her website with the latest.

CBK has updated their website with their latest designs.

The Artists Collection also posted photos of their new items.

Raymond Crawford posted photographs of his display in Dallas.

Kirk and Bradley has added travel rounds for Alaska and North Carolina.

Needle Works in Austin posted a short video of their new canvases on Facebook.

Colour Complements' fall collection thread colors are out.  Some are limited editions so if you like what you see, don't wait to order.

Stitch by Stitch Larchmont has a newsletter with photos of their purchases at Dallas.

J. Malahy Designs has updated their website. Lots of cute sock monkeys!

Funda Scully shows off some of her new hinged box designs.

Enriched Stitch shows off the new (and last) designs from the retiring Amanda Lawford.

Son of a Stitch/Colonial Needle has 6 new architecturally-inspired round designs, made in multiple shapes and sizes to fit in the Lee leather goods.

Rainbow Gallery has four new colors of Wisper.

Natalia Frank has four new mini stocking charts for silk gauze.  They are darling!

Nenah Stone has new cat and dog angels which are a fund raiser for Austin Pets Alive, an animal rescue organization.

I'd never heard of pickle ball but Patti Mann has!  She has three darling canvases to celebrate the sport.

Labors of Love has a pair of nostalgic Mr. and Mrs. Santas.

There are new colors of rickrack in Painter's Threads.

Brenda Stofft has updated her website with lots of Art Nouveau-inspired designs, Christmas and Halloween pieces.

Unique New Zealand has updated their website with their newest designs.

BB Needlepoint Designs has a new "Cactus and Armadillo" design.

Strictly Christmas has a new series of three trucks from Ronnie Rooney for the little boys in your life.

Tapestry Fair has updated their website with new designs.  There is a new Manual Salas Day of the Dead portrait, more animals, a lovely lady and some fun Santa/snowman pieces.

Janeann Sleeman is going to teach this darling Mile High Princess Santa on a sled at Destination Dallas.

Sundance shows off a brand new Day of the Dead lady called "Celebrate Life."

A. Bradley Needle Arts has new Cookies of the Month, stitch guides by Mary Waldsmith.  You can see four models here.

Sew Much Fun has four new dimensional characters: a cowgirl and boy and a blue or pink scholarly owl.

Eye Candy has a new dimensional Halloween house that is amazing.

Amyjo Hill has another lovely lady on canvas for Love You More.

Ruth Schmuff gives us a look at the newest Eleanor Grosch designs.  If you love animals or ballerinas, this is for you!

Jolly Red has a new kit for sale—"Ba Ba Birds."

Julie Mar & Friends shows off new designs.  I think "Sisters" —the two girls at the beach— is going to be a big hit.

Good Harbor Needlepoint just posted photos of 11 new canvases. They don't say whose they are. Use the side arrows to browse all the photos.

Silk Road Fibers shows off three new shades of their Straw Silk.

Tapestry Fair shows off "Hippo Swimming."  A charmer!

Zecca introduces "The Martian Sisters"!

Kelly Clark is now selling pretty beaded scissor fobs on Etsy.

June McKnight will be teaching this elegant floral slipper from Strictly Christmas to shop owners at the Dallas show.

Raymond Crawford shows off one of his new designs, "Dachshund Through the Snow."  LOL

Carolyn Hedge Baird has announced her next book, "Needlepoint Stitches:  A Field Guide for Birds."

Laura Perin has four new Halloween Ornaments for your holiday stitching pleasure.  At 5 inches square, these are big enough to show off in a box top or just framed on your door.  There's a witch's hat (with bats), a frog with spiders and candy corn, a pumpkin and a black cat with another spider, web, bats and small pumpkin.  Follow the link to her website to order the chart set.

Ruth Schmuff shows off the new designs from Sharon Hendy-Moman.

Eye Candy shows off Ada's new "Bejeweled Bargello" ornaments and more.

The latest Gingher scissors limited edition pattern is out.  It's called "Lauren" and is a blue and white trellis pattern.

LizArt has a new Bargello design for sale on her website.  It's really unique!

Devon Nicholson Designs has updated their website with their latest designs.  I think the tooth fairy pillows are going to be a big hit with the kids!

Rachel Donley Needlepoint has posted a sneak peak of her new topiary alphabet on Facebook.

Zecca has updated their website with their new designs.

Barbara Elmore Designs has new teacup designs that are perfect for those who like their favorite beverage in pretty china.

Ruth Schmuff has just released Kimberly's "Tree of Life," complete with stitch guide.  Like all Kimberly pieces, this was stitched by her and incorporates fun embellishments and interesting touches like two background stitches.

Lani has finished stitching her Peacock Collage.  Expect to see this in her hotel room at Dallas.  No word on whether she is releasing a stitch guide.

There will be "Llama Drama" in Dallas per Maggie.  LOL

Kate Dickerson has 8 photos of new designs up on Facebook.

Jill shows off a new sugar skull design from Earth Art International, distributed by Danji and available in Dallas.

Hug Me Bags has a new bag called the Julia.  You can see in the two photos here how many Julia Snyder books and canvases it can hold!

Barefoot Needlepoint Design has a new Haunted House.

The Artists Collection is busy creating new display curtains for the trade shows.

"High Flying Hooters" is another new JP Needlepoint design for September.

Eye Candy has some new :Mod Birds" round ornaments and square pockets. Fun!

Robbyn's Nest Designs has ten new Oriental-themed canvases.

Julie Mar and Friends shows off new Nancy Dukes canvases.

BB Needlepoint Designs has updated their website with all their newest creations.

Maggie shows off the darling "Counting Her Chickens" which is new for Dallas.

The Berlin Woolwork Sampler charts from The Needle's Prayse are now available.  There are 9 charts, $23.95 Canadian each.

Rachel Donley Designs just posted two brand new fruit designs on Facebook.

Tango and Chocolate has updated their website with their new designs.

Here's another hilarious new dogs canvas from JP Needlepoint—"Hot Dogs."

A sneak peek of a new Rebecca Wood design for September.  Very Texas!

Barbara's Needlepoint shows off the latest strawberry design from Ann Hansen.

Melissa Shirley Designs shows off "Southern Bullfrog," the newest Vicki Sawyer design which will premiere in September.

Enriched Stitch shows off the three new "Go Red with Thread" Heart Association fund raiser designs that are coming out in September.  There is a girl on a scooter from Melissa Prince, a lovely heart from Amanda Lawford and a red-haired mermaid from Leigh Designs.

Here's a new Kathleen Taylor from Maggie.

Melissa Prince Designs shows off "The Mediterranean Diet" which is new for the Heart Association fund raiser this year.

Ada Hayden of Eye Candy shows off four new folk art bird designs.  These are Mod Birds.

Classic Colorworks has two new colors in their silk floss Belle Soie line.

Janeann Sleeman is going to teach "Santa Express" at Destination Dallas.  This is a Mile High Princess canvas.

Robbyn's Nest has a new series of animal shapes called "In the Wild" and some nice lettering designs.

The Point of It All Designs shows off a new design from Bonnie Alexander, perfect for those who follow the fox and hounds.

Blue Dogwood Designs is going to start offering scissors fobs made from beads that change color when the temperature changes.  Pretty!

Red Rooster has a new "Gift for Mrs. Claus" design, adapted from the artwork of James Christensen by Labors of Love.

The Nativity pieces on Red Rooster's home page are also adapted from James Christensen's work by Labors of Love.

Juli Poitras of JP Needlepoint has a new rabbit version of her popular animals series.

Brenda Stofft has a new pumpkin with a witch's hat for Dallas, complete with a stitch guide by Cynthia Thomas.

Barbara's Needlepoint has new two inch rounds from Cindy, all in fall themes.

Abigail Cecile has a new "rooftops" design, the "Rooftops of NY" which is a companion to her "Rooftops of London" and "Rooftops of Paris" designs. You can see all here.

Here is a new Karen Cruden called "Lambs Eat Oats," distributed by Painted Pony.

Love You More shows off a new Halloween design called "Pumpkin Moon" by their new artist Teresa Kogut.

Jenny Henry Designs has some nice DIY jewelry (necklaces and pins and cuffs) to stitch and finish yourself up on her Etsy store.  Many thanks to the Kreinik blog for the tip!

Barbara's Needlepoint shows off two new strawberry designs from Ann Hansen.

Maggie shows off a new owl canvas.  He's a back to school owl I bet!

Barefoot Needlepoint has two new designs, a beach crab sign…

…and a hilarious Shark Week ornament.

You can see the Christmas 2017 ornaments from Threedles on Facebook.

Juli at JP Needlepoint posted a sneak peak of her newest piece and someone guessed what it is!

Here's a new flag design from French Grafitti/And More.

Colour Complements has eleven new shades of overdyed Petite Very Velvet.  If you need shading done the easy way for a velvet coat or just want that velour texture in your next geometric, this is the thread for you.

Kate Dickerson/KSH Needlepoint has a new Bama design!

Needlework Retailer shows off a new Pippin Studio bolster design of five reindeer with Christmas packages.

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