Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Reproducing Little Bottles for the Cabinet of Curiosities UPDATED

Tricia Nguyen has posted a video about the long road to figuring out how to make reproduction scent bottles for her Cabinet of Curiosities classes.  I cried at the end.  

A little background—Tricia's a materials engineer with a specialty in fabrics.  She became fascinated with 17th Century stumpwork caskets and has been on a long journey to figure out how they were made and to have reproductions of the caskets, their hinges, paper, threads, inkwells and now bottles made for the historical classes she is teaching on stumpwork.

By the way, the little bottles and the ink pots for the stumpwork caskets are sold out.  There is still a little room in the last class she's teaching on her historical exploration of these items.

UPDATE:  The paper lining for these things was equally difficult to research and source.

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