Friday, October 22, 2010

Moons I Have Loved

Luna's Finished Moon-Click to Enlarge
One reason I worked so hard on the moon in the background is that Amy Bunger does such a lovely job with them.  Check out the moon behind the werewolf in this Halloweenies character.

Here's another view of Herr Wolfe.  Doesn't this remind you of photographs of the cratered moon surface from NASA?

Look at the moon rising behind the house the Halloweenies folk themselves are gathered at. It's full of personality with that evil grin.

The first step in making that moon is an unusual one--Glitter Glue!

Seeing wonderful work like this is dangerous.  You can be tempted to use a terrific technique you've seen that will completely overpower the area you are stitching.  That's why I've been struggling with Luna's moon.  I want to do fancy things to it and make it as great as Amy's moons are.  But I've finally accepted the fact that this is not appropriate for this canvas.

Remember the Bridezilla clip from yesterday?  I was in great danger of making the moon the star of the show.  Believe me, it was very difficult to admire Amy's moons, then walk away from stitching any more on my moon, leaving it simple.  But that is the right thing to do for this canvas.

By the way, yesterday's close up of the moon before I finished it does a better job of showing what this looks like in person.  The photo above shows the moon in context, which helps remind us all that the moon is in the background and should remain a secondary object.

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