Monday, July 19, 2010

Let's Talk About Things

Jennifer Pudney's Girl Talk

Two interesting articles appeared in the Blog-o-Sphere yesterday. I thought I'd post links here and we could talk about them.

First of all, Madonna adds her thoughts to the Why Buy A Stitch Guide? debate.  Of course since I sell stitch guides and promote them on the CH Stitch Guides blog, I am firmly in the Stitch Guides Are Good camp.  In my opinion a stitch guide is like a stitching friend who gives you advice when you are stuck, has suggestions for threads and stitches, and who generally lends a hand with your current piece.  Everybody needs a stitching friend, especially those of us who rarely see other needlepointers, much less get to stitch with them.  But what do you think?  A lot of folks think stitch guides discourage creativity and promote over-embellished design.

The other article is authored by the guide to needlepoint.  Cheryl says she has gotten a lot of complaints lately about shops and has posted a poll asking for readers' comments about the shops they've visited.  So far only a few people have voted but the number who say they've visited shops that were ignorant of what they sell and/or were rude to customers is shockingly high.  Go vote and then those of you who travel a lot, please tell us if this is widespread.

By the way, the illustration above is a Jennifer Pudney "postcard" design called Girl Talk.  Apologies to the men among us!  We know you are out there and are fabulous stitchers but I couldn't find any men/women talking canvases to illustrate this article.

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