Monday, February 24, 2020

Creating a Case for Your Smart Phone UPDATED

Morgan Julia Designs has a fun tutorial on turning a needlepoint design into a cell phone cover.

It didn't go to plan but she has ideas on how to fix that.

Zazzle lets you turn photos into stickers to cover those clear cases.  That means you can take a photo of your favorite piece of needlepoint and make it into a case.  I think it's probably smart to get permission of the designer before you use a photo of their work, though.  It's polite to do so and probably might head off questions from the folks that make these items about copyright.

The Case Studio takes it even further with their designs and the ability to use your own photographs if you prefer.  They offer cases for phones, laptops and tablets.

UPDATE:  Colour Complements has another version of a stitched phone case.  This one is on fabric and done in pattern darning but the idea is the same.

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