Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cha Tail Feathers Underway

Things were calmer last night so I started on Cha's tail feathers.  You may remember that the purple feather was tent stitched earlier.  I want it to really recede among the feathers.  I worked the yellow feather next, then the orange one.  It took a while to get the lines of ribbon laid in so I didn't start on the two larger feathers last night.  I need to pick the silk ribbon colors I will use in the daylight anyway.  Once I have all the shades of pink I want for that feather, I will work it next.  It and the last big red tail feather both have a vein.  I'll have to decide whether to work that on top of the ribbon somehow or totally ignore it but those sort of decisions are best made once the tail feathers are finished.  Then I can lay threads on top and see what I think.

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