Monday, October 31, 2016

Breaking News: New Needlepoint Shop Opens Nov. 1 UPDATED

Thanks to Mary we've learned that Hillside Needlepoint will be opening November 1 in the Baltimore area.  The new shop is in Stevenson Village, just off Stevenson Road near Hillside Road.  Mary says the hours are Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 10-5 p.m. and 10-3 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.  There doesn't seem to be a website so I don't have a phone number or address.

UPDATE:  Folks on Facebook says the shop is two miles from exit 22 (Greenspring Avenue).  Hopefully that means something to the Baltimore stitchers.

Let us know all about it if you happen to be in the area.

UPDATE #2:  Here are photos of the new shop posted on Facebook.  Note that not all the threads and ribbons to be stocked have arrived.  Stay tuned!

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Destination Dallas 2016

Oh, look!  Tony Minieri's website now carries magnets!

Fundy Scully has two new "Naughty or Nice?" ornaments for Christmas.  Use the side arrows to see the second.

Melissa Shirley has a new design -- "Oh My Pumpkin Pie."

Blue Dogwood Designs has three new pieces for your stitching fun.

Needlenook of La Jolla says these Holiday Mice are brand new from Danji.

How did I miss this?  Tango and Chocolate is now distributing the artwork of Steven Fowler on NP canvas.

Kreinik shows off three new colors:  a plum and two shades of white, one with a lavender undertone and one with a coppery touch.

Terry Dryden Designs has updated her Etsy store with the "Sparkle 1" kits.  Everything you need to stitch this fun floral geometric.

Lycette Designs is partnering with Indigo Home Shop to bring some of their lovely work to needlepoint canvases.  Judging from this and Blue Dogwood's latest, I think blue and white is a new trend in needlepoint....

Blue Dogwood Designs has a few special sachets with matching canvases.  The sachets are made from Japanese indigo-dyed fabrics.

BeStitched shows off a new Raymond Crawford floral.

Tess and Thorn has a new sign.  It's hilarious!

There's a new needlepoint artist--Jane Tattersfield from Great Britain.  Watch for more of her work to appear.

Melissa Shirley Designs shows off a new witch for Halloween.  Love that crow!

Annie Lane has a new Schnauzer in her "Happy Tails" line of dog canvases.  Order from Wellesley Needlepoint or your local shop can order from Annie herself.

Funda Scully has a new female version of "The Elf Made Me Do It. " The second link is the original version.

Needle Crossings has new self-finishing tool cases, shown off here by The Needlepointer.

Louise's shows off a new football design from a new (uncredited) designer who might be Kimberly Ann.

Lycette Designs has been having a bad week.  This funny canvas is the result.

Needle Nicely shows off new canvases from Destination Dallas, including a sunbathing frog from The Collection that will make you laugh.

Pippin Studio has a love new "Stars and Stripes Hearts" design, shown here by Needlework Retailer.

Rebecca Wood Designs has updated her website with the new Destination Dallas things.

Leigh Designs reviews the Destination Dallas show with mentions of new things from many designers in their October newsletter.

Sundance has a new design from Barbara Elmore based on the artwork of Carolyn Schmitz.  It's called "The Dressers."  For now this is an exclusive for a class at BeStitched in Arizona.

Want to see the new colors of Rainbow Gallery's Elegance?  Thanks to Come to the Point you can.  This silk perle thread is the size of number five perle cotton.

Melissa Shirley just announced "Summer Party," a new design from Vicki Sawyer. This is available on either a brown or a blue background.

The Art Needlepoint Company has just announced they are going to put the original needlepoint designs from Jill Vendituoli on printed canvas.  You can see the current pieces on their website and see other Jill originals on her own website (second link below).

Laura Perin shows off her newest long panel design " Fall Harvest Panel."

Accoutrement Designs shows off their newest "Mag Friends" magnets.

The newest JP Needlepoint is called "Kosher Hot Dog."   Click on the link to laugh.

Orna Willis has a new design called "Fortune." It's available in kit form in three different colors. I don't see it on Orna's Etsy store yet (second link below) but it shouldn't be long.

My Pink Sugar Life has new Pop Art Pet Portraits.

DebBee's Designs has a new piece, "Spectacular Spectrum."  You can see it here and read about how it came to be.

Here's the newest from JP Needlepoint--"Patriotic Lovebirds."

Alex Paras/Thistle Needleworks shows off their new canvases from Dallas.

Patricia Dee has posted three new small beach scenes on Facebook.  Her work is distributed by Julie Mar and Friends.

Needlework Retailer shows off the new set of green French Silks from Kreinik.  What gorgeous trees they would make!

Kathy of Strictly Christmas talks about the highlights of Destination Dallas 2016 and announces the theme of Destination Dallas 2017 in this Sept. 29 posting on her blog.  (Strictly Christmas, Painted Pony and Raymond Crawford Designs are the organizers behind Destination Dallas.)

Mark Young of Labors of Love posted a video of the newest things at Destination Dallas on Facebook.

Kangaroo Designs has a new line of sorority round ornaments they call Flower Power, all with their signature stripes.

Strictly Christmas is expanding beyond the holiday with their new artist Laurie Furnell.

Laurel Wheeler has new geometric Christmas ornaments.

Pocket Full of Stitches just got in the 32 colors of Rainbow Gallery's new Rainbow Persian.  If you need just a dab of wool, this might be a good option.

PFOS shows off new Halloween magnets from The Meredith Collection.  Love the Halloween Hello Kitty!

I've never seen a blue octopus Menorah ornament!  This charmer is from A. Bradley.

Jody Valentine has a new series of patterned pumpkins for Halloween.

Come to the Point shows off the new colors of Entice from Rainbow Gallery.

Needlework Retailer says Burnett and Bradley (formerly A Collection of Designs) has a darling new pastel baby piece featuring a lion.

Pocket Full of Stitches shows off a few more new Destination Dallas items, including books and canvases.

Lycette Designs has a new very British cheeky canvas.

Susan shows off the new designs from Quail Run.

Stitch by Stitch is doing a six part retrospective of Destination Dallas on their blog.  The first posting is dated 9/21/16.

Stitch Therapy posted photos of all the designs they picked up in Dallas.  Some are new, some are not, but all are fun to look over.  Note the sachet kit from Purple Palm.  I had no idea they were selling these.

Patricia Sone posted photos of the new canvases she picked up in Dallas to stitch and then teach, plus two new teaching pieces.  If your favorite shop needs a teacher, send them to Patricia's blog to check out the goodies.

Laurel Wheeler has two versions of a new Halloween design.

North Shore Needleworks shows off 8 photos of new designs from Dallas.

Pocket Full of Stitches has new canvases and threads from Dallas in the shop.  You can browse here.

Melissa Shirley shows off the new Vicki Sawyer "Cotton and Wool" sheep.

Jody Valentine has a new purple Halloween checkerboard rabbit design.

There are six new colors of Straw Silk by Silk Road Fibers.

Colour Complements has nine new color combos!

Needlepointing in Your Nest shows off embellishments by Cheryl Schaeffer.

Garden Gate shows off Halloween canvases from Hiller Productions.

Painted Pony posted a video of their hotel room in Dallas, including Two Bananas' canvases for little boys, Mary Engelbreit, Painted Pony's angels and Betsy B's twelve monthly baskets.

Victori-Anne shared more favorites on their FB page.

I posted my nine favorites from Market here, just in case you missed it.

Pippin's updated their website with the new designs.  I think the mermaids will be a big hit for them.

Stitch By Stitch shows off the items they bought and brought back to the shop.  Time to go shopping if you are close by Larchmont n NY!

Sheena shows off her favorites from Market as well as gives us a lovely new stitch diagram and a peek at her tigers.

The French Knot shows off the new Nativity from Strictly Christmas.  Wonderful!

Carolyn shows off the new canvas colors from Painters Threads.

Louise's Needlework added a few more photos of new canvases to their FB page.

CBK has updated their website with some funny new designs.

Hyla Hurley of The Point of It All Designs shows off their new limited edition Advent Calendar.

DebBee's Designs shows off a work-in-progress, a new counted piece called "Winter Blues."

Victori-Anne's Treasures shows off their favorites from Dallas.  I had to laugh at "Pretty in Pink--Wicked in Spurs."

Decorations has updated their website to showcase their needlepoint necklaces.

Bloomin' Stitches loves this display from Share One's Ideas.

Cooper Oaks has updated their site, too. I think those fabric pattern shoes will be very popular.

Associated Talents has added the newest designs to their website.

Raymond Crawford has updated his website with the newest designs.

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted a list of updated designer websites on their blog so you can see the newest from your favorites. Thank you!

The Needlepaint Nook has updated their FB page, too.

The Needle Bug has updated their FB page with favorites from Dallas.

Amy Bunger has started to post photos of her favorites.  These are from Zecca.

These are from Quail Run Designs.

Stitch By Stitch in Larchmont posted lots of photos of Sew Much Fun models and designs.

The shop also posted lots of photos of  Alice Peterson designs.

They also showcased Laurel Wheeler's geometrics.

Plus they showed off some of JP Needlepoint's classics.

Leigh Designs has updated their website with their new Halloween line--Derangements!  The plants are carnivorous!  Three of the eight monstrous arrangements have stitch guides.  Click on the thumbnail photos to see the finished models from Carolyn Taggart, Pat Miller and Sharon Quick.

Good Harbor Needlepoint shows off models from Leigh's booth, including the Derangements.

Good Harbor also has photos of new designs from Sew Much Fun and Tapestry Fair.

The Artists Collection shows off one of their models--a sweet tooth fairy pillow that is beautifully finished.

BeStitched has updated their website with two pages of new designs they are bringing back to the shop from Dallas.

The Meredith Collection (formerly the Elizabeth Turner Collection) shows off their newest canvases and magnets. shows off new Birds of a Feather designs.

Needlepointing in Your Nest has added photos of new canvases to their FB page.

Louise's Needlework has added photos of new canvases to their FB page.

Ruth Schmuff shows off her canvases and the hotel room display on Facebook.

Jinny shows off the new Kirk and Bradley rounds, the Kirk and Bradley/Elizabeth Bradley display and the new Pepperberry penguin ornament set, not to mention Melissa Shirley's new Halloween hearts, Este MacLeod's floral, the Lycette Designs Staffordshire china dogs and hearts from Associated Talents.

Tapestry Fair has updated their website with new goodies.

Sundance shows off their hotel room display.  Use the side arrows to See All.

Sign of the Arrow shows off their finds.

Amy Bunger is ordering dog and bird canvases like mad!

Stitch By Stitch Larchmont loves Penny MacLeod designs!

They've also posted new Kathy Schenkel pieces.

And they posted 20 photos from Pepperberry.

The Point of It All shop posts their purchases from Dallas yesterday.

The Needle Bug is posting lots of photographs.  The Lani Asian women are gorgeous.

What's the Point? Needlepoint has added to their Dallas Market 2016 photo album.

The Needlepaint Nook is posting lots of photos of the goodies they saw in Dallas.  If you love Jewish themes in your needlepoint, check this photo album out.

Stitchville USA shows off all the colors of the new Rainbow Persian wool thread from Rainbow Gallery.

Artists Collection shows off new Heartstrings Santas.

Carolyn Hedge Baird is posting photos of shop pieces she likes that will make their way to Chaparral.  I spotted Lani, Nenah Stone, Sandra Gilmore and Maggie pieces.

Stitches in Time is posting photos of the canvases that caught their eye on Facebook.

Louise's Needlework posted photos from Destination Dallas.  No staring at the dancing cowboys!

Ada shows off her Eye Candy display, too.  Color!

Lisa Krause shows off the display for Deus Bijoux Bijoux frames and trays and such.

BeStitched has a photo album on their Facebook page called Destination Dallas finds.  Fun to browse although the designers are not credited.

Cynthia Thomas shows off her Shelly Tribbey model, all packed in a shipping container made by her framer for the trip to Dallas.

Black Sheep's "Needle Keepers" now come in new colors (black, white and red) and with monograms.

Tess and Thorn show off their hotel display and some of their fun designs.

Kangaroo Paw Designs shows off their sorority and fraternity belt canvases.  Perfect for that Greek in your life!

Annie Lane shows off her Dallas display and some of her new designs.

Patt and Lee have new goodies, too!  There are lots of patchwork baby animals that will delight Patt's fans.

Here's a peek at the Sew Much Fun models on display, courtesy of Needle Works in Austin.

Kristine Kingston shows off her canvases on Facebook.

Here's a peak at the Little Bird Designs canvases on display.

Julia Snyder just shared two photos of new & More designs on display in Dallas.

Unique New Zealand Designs has a lovely pillow design ready in Dallas.

The Nimble Needle Atlanta has posted photos of their favorites in Dallas on their FB page.

Emily has posted a group of ten photos of the Love You More perpetual calendars on display in Dallas.

Kirk and Bradley posted their new Wimbleton, Royal Ascot and St. Andrews ornaments on Facebook.

Pepperberry's posted two penguin ornaments on their FB page.

Stitch By Stitch has updated their Facebook page with new designs from Machelle Somerville, Creative Needle, Turbey, and Sandra Gilmore.

Puffin has a new mini apple needle minder.  Cute!

CBK shows off a new quartet of baby owls from Liora Manne on Facebook.

Melissa Shirley has added her latest designs to her website.

Brenda Stofft has updated her website with photos of her latest designs at the bottom of the home page.  I really like her dog party!

Ruth Schmuff shows off new canvases from Lulu My Pink Turtle.

CBK shows off a new Scott Church canvas of a raccoon in a coat holding a beverage.

K1C2 has a nice etched wine glass to toast your next finish.  Sadly, the three varieties seem geared towards XS, quilting and knitting.

Lorraine of Colour Complements has started what she calls Chorus of Colours--sets of color combinations of her hand dyed threads that coordinate nicely. If you want to work a counted piece without the pain of coming up with a set of colors that work well, this is for you.

Labors of Love has updated their website with their newest designs.

Canvas Art by Barbie has a new series of "pockets."  Cute!

Kelly Clark just posted new designs and a new club on her blog.

If you love mohair thread --or just like trying something new-- you will be happy to hear that & More has 100 colors of Fine Kid Australian mohair thread now.

Purple Palm has a new designer--Belina Wright!

Melissa Prince Designs just posted a sneak peak at her new designs for Dallas--new movie coasters and a new fashion series called Windows of Milan.  Fans of Melissa's work please note her website will be updated Friday.

Sew Much Fun has new dimensional figures for Thanksgiving.  And any other time you want to display dolls.

Ada Hayden shows off new Eye Candy designs, many with stitch guides by Ada herself.

Ruth Schmuff shows off new Eleanor Grosch canvases , most of which are inspired by bicycles.  And then there is "The Deco Detective. " Love it!

Labors of Love is adding to their Scrooge Christmas rounds series.

Labors of Love also has three new clip on birds.  Use the side arrows to see them all.

Point 2 Pointe shows off Jan Roger's new designs on their website.

Rachel Donley Needlepoint has two cute new signs.

Juli Poitras just posted a new JP design of birdhouses on Facebook.

Julia's Needlework has two cute pig canvases about to be introduced.

Kirk and Bradley posted a sneak peek at their new Wimbleton travel round on Facebook.

There is a new abstract "Arabesque" designsfrom Sally Corey at Julie Mar and Friends.

Pippin has a new Nine Angel design for Dallas.

Tapestry Fair shows off some of the new Garden Patch Cats series from their new artist, Helene Knott.

Raymond Crawford has a new Santa and Ornaments Christmas wreath.

Lee's/Colonial has two new Rainbow Fish designs, one an ornament and one a small stocking.

Zecca's updated their website with their newest designs for Dallas.

Needlework Retailer shows off the new patriotic eagle from Love You More.

Painted Pony Designs shows off three new Laurel Burch designs on Facebook.

Ruth Schmuff shows off the new teddy bear design by Kimberly Kelly Santini.

Purple Palm Designs will have ten new lighthouse ornaments available in Dallas.  They posted four of them on Facebook.

The Artists Collection just posted a new Heartstrings design from Pat Thode on Facebook.  This might be four new pieces, not sure.  Am sure they will be wonderful!

Melissa Shirley just posted a new still life from Este MacLeod on her Facebook page.

Leigh Designs' latest e-newletter has a sneak peak at the new Halloween line.  Hint:  take a very careful look at each "Derangement."  (Careful inspection will be available 9/19 on the LD website.)

The newest Straw Silk colors from Silk Road Fibers are showcased on the home page of their new website.

Janet Perry has described new designs and products on her blog.

Here's a new painted canvas from Sally Corey.

Coastal Cottage Studio on Etsy has wonderful shoe canvases and a really fun Harley Quinn ornament for the fashionista or movie fan to stitch.

Zecca is posting new designs on their Facebook page.  Look for them on September 8.

Stitch By Stitch Larchmont just posted photos of a dozen brand new canvases coming out at the Dallas show on their Facebook page.

Barbara's Needlepoint just posted new ornament designs from their in-house artist Cindy.

Laurel Wheeler has posted new Halloween ornaments on Facebook.

HSN has a new artist, Cheryl Dunlap, who does a series of cute bee canvases.

The Point of It All Designs has two cute new purse canvases.

There's a new Annie Lane Westie canvas available.

Colour Complements has added silk perles and Kreinik size 8 to their line.  If you want vivid color, this is the place!

Stitch By Stitch in Larchmont shows off the ski resort-inspired designs from Doolittle Stitchery.  Click on "Show More" at the bottom of the page to see them all.!doolittle-stitchery-trunk-show/kxgmo

Accoutrement Designs shows off their new Mag Friends needle magnets from Spring through now.

Raymond Crawford has gone all pastels for his new Modern Christmas Wreath.

Love You More shows off their new perpetual calendars on Facebook.

Robbyn's Nest Designs has updated their Facebook album of new designs.

The Artists Collection shows off a sneak peak at a Janeann Sleeman class project for Destination Dallas.  Love that background!

Michelle shows off the latest Little Bird Designs model on Facebook.

Ruth Schmuff has annoucned a new designer in her stable of artists--David Galchutt.

Kelmscott Designs has new limited edition scissors called sLime Witch Boot Scissors.  For all those Halloween stitchers!

Here are some of the latest designs from Pippin.  The Needlepointer promises photos of all the newest releases on September 19.

Ruth Schmuff shows off new designs that range from folk art to funky from her line and new Kimberly designs, too.  And Kimberly blogs about her new pieces as well.

Rebecca Wood just posted a photograph of a new large beach scene on Facebook. This is the first of new items from her line for Dallas.

Julie Mar & Friends has some new Christmas ornaments and little stockings, all with animals.  Love the mouse and peppermint stick!

Maggie shows off a new witches canvas from Ginny Diezel.

Birdie B shows off her new line of needlepoint jewelry. I think these are sold already stitched, not as DIY kits.

Mahjong fans will be thrilled to see Alice Peterson's new designs.

Tapestry Fair offers a sneak peak at some of their new canvases.  Their website will be updated with the new goodies on September 16.

Here's "Small Dahlias and Pears" from Raymond Crawford.

Alice Peterson shows off a new girl in the garden design.

Sandy Arthur has a new book out!  Can Do Hair Dos is full of tips and techniques for stitching hair.

Curtis Boehringer has a new Rainbow Santa for Dallas.

Hyla Hurley of The Point of It All Designs shows off three new emoticon canvases for Dallas.

Unique New Zealand shows off two new floral canvases for Dallas on Facebook-

Karen at Strictly Christmas is getting ready for Dallas.  You can read about her new artists here.

Black Sheep Ideas now can monogram their Needle Keepers.  You can order at the second link below.

Nenah Stone shows off her Halloween cake model, stitch guide by Cynthia Thomas and finishing by West Coast Finishing.  This came out in June but the model's brand new.

& More will update their website with their newest designs on Sept. 2.

Needlepoint for Fun has a great poppies design exclusive to their shop from Unique New Zealand Designs.

Raymond Crawford has a new design called Heirloom Tomatoes.

Painted Pony shows off the latest folk art style landscape by Diane Ulmer Pederson.  This is called "Diane's Farm."

Needlepoint by Sharese has a new wedding canvas, customizable to your wedding colors.  Talk to her about customization in her Etsy store (second link below).

Mile High Princess has added a new bunny canvas to their line.

Nenah Stone has a new Halloween crow design.  Lovely!

Tony Minieri Designs now has a 2017 calendar and note cards based on high rez photos of his six International Textile designs.

Barefoot Needlepoint Designs has two new Corvette ornaments.

Laura Perin has a new collage design in her series.  This is called "California Quail Collage" and it's a companion to Laura's "California Poppy Collage."   Of course it's good as a standalone piece, but if you like sets, Laura's got you covered.

Magnets By Attractions is getting ready for football season with  a new series of football logo magnets. 

Sandy Grossman-Morris has a new and interesting stocking design based on the book The Magic Gingerbread House.  The stocking has five sections including a topper roof and is finished to open like a book.

Amy Bunger shows off the new Bling Ball strong magnets by Merry L Needlework Accessories.

Robbyn's Nest Designs shows off seven new treats debuting in Dallas.

Accoutrement Designs has been updating their website with new magnets for 2016.  There is a new type of magnet called a Pin Friend that allows you to insert a jewelry pin into a magnet, then use it to hold your needles (or wear it without fear of holes in your silk blouse).

Lycette Designs has a new foo dog design.   I think this is a classic.

Here is one of the new Mary Engelbreit designs from Painted Pony--"Midnight Clear" with background. Sounds like this is available without the detailed background, too.

Merry L Designs has new "girlie" scissor fobs.

Here is BB Designs' new (from June) "Sand Dune Quilt."

Raymond Crawford has a new still life called "Dahlias and Pears."

Robbyn's Nest Designs has three new boot canvases ready for Dallas.

Barefoot Needlepoint Design has a new Rudolph ornament.

Here's another new Alice Peterson--a dreaming woman.

Rainbow Gallery is introducing a new wool thread called Persian in Dallas in 32 lovely colors.

Joan Lohr is going to teach this darling double-sided Patriotic Santa (design by Susan Roberts) at Destination Dallas, then teach the class again at in NC.

Needlepoint For Fun has just restocked Mary Self needlepoint kits from New Zealand.  These very traditional designs are new to me and I thought you'd like to explore what's available.

Raymond Crawford honors Lily Pulitzer with this new Lily Tree.

Laura Wheeler has a new Christmas ornament--theThree Kings.

Golden Needlepoint has another new artist--J. Holodook--with a charming scarecrow.

Raymond Crawford has added to his Nativity set.  As of August 25 he's posted two shepherd/sheep figures, a burro, a single sheep and a cow.

Alice Peterson has a new whale design for the little kid in your life.

Color Complements is now stocking silk perles in their Etsy store. If you want vivid colors in silk perle, this is the place.

Golden Needlepoint in Las Vegas has a new designer--Janet Stever.  Check out the charming gingerbread girl on Facebook.

Melissa Shirley shows off a new bird floral design from Este MacLeod.

& More is introducing a new thread (available in 108 colors) called Fine Kid SP in Dallas.  Not on their website yet but they have lots of interesting threads available.
Rainbow Gallery's latest thread, Capri, is now available in 39 colors and two diameters.

Orna Willis has a new find in her Etsy shop--bead boxes!

These look so practical for those larger beads I have in small amounts.  And then there are the crystals....

Julie Mar and Friends will  have nine mitten ornaments for her Polar Friends Mini Mitts Club ready in Dallas.  All come with stitch guides.  Three have Texas themes....

Homestead Needle Arts will participate in the Polar Friends Mini Mitts Club starting in January 2017.

Michelle shows off two new floral designs from Little Bird.

JP Needlepoint has a new cats, birds and mouse design, debuting in Dallas.

Patty Paints has three new designs in her shells series.  They are lovely!  Use the right side arrow to see them all.

Purple Palm Designs posting a new design from Otto called "Couple Walking."

And here is a new Purple Palm from Ellen --"Down on the Docks."

Alice Peterson shows off her new children's clothing series on Facebook.

Gorgeous new wedding piece from Ann Wheat Pace!

Quail Run Needlework shows off a new Southwestern pottery design premiering in Dallas.

Needlepoint for Fun has two new hand painted Talavera tile designs in their collection.  I don't know the designer but these may be made just for them.

Quarter Stitch has a new Clementine Hunter design available called "The Pecan Pickers."

Sally Corey is making patterns from her "Weaving Designs for Needlepoint" available in PDF format.  You can order from Designing Woman (second link below).

Raymond Crawford has a Mrs. Santa now to go with last year's Mr. Santa.

Thanks to Pat Mazu, I just learned Stitches from the Heart has released a new Jean Hilton book featuring both her eighteen Little Guys ornaments and Tony Minieri's Rockaway, which is a similar ornament.

Here's a new treat from Labors of Love--Koi with Pink Flower.

Amy Bunger has revealed her next Home Study project.  It's a 4th of July project from Melissa Shirley.

Rainbow Gallery shows off new colors debuting in Dallas.

Barbara Elmore shows off some of her hand painted Stitchy Ribbons which she creates a few times a year.

Ruth Schmuff shows off her newest artist--Kimberly Santini.

Susan Roberts allows you to order this Chinese dragon design three ways--a brick cover or a pillow on either 13 or 18 count.

DebBee's Designs has one last new chart.  This is "Touch of Spring" and it is one of her "tray series."

Daylight has a new lamp called the DuoLamp.  It features two light sources on bendable arms.

Maggie has two new portraits of ladies in sunglasses.

DebBee's Designs' latest is "Santa's Tray."

Kathy at Strictly Christmas shows off a new design from And More and talks about the plans Strictly Christmas has for Destination Dallas.

Melissa Shirley just posted a teaser photo of a new design called "Tiny Town" from Este MacLeod on Facebook.

Denise DeRusha has posted photos of three new Christmas trees of the world designs on Facebook.  These are available from Maggie.

Fleur De Paris just posted two pumpkin portraits from Sandra Gilmore on their Facebook page.  Meet Jack O and Jackie O!

Fleur also posted four new Superhero Cats from dede Odgen that came out in June.  Somehow I missed these cuties!

Barbara Elmore plans to stitch Sundance's latest Carolyn Schmitz animal portrait--"Fluffy Ensemble."

The Meredith Collection has a new fabulous animal portrait-a hippo!

Alice Peterson is debuting an new meditation piece in Dallas.

Rittenhouse shows off a folk art Christmas design from Mindy.

DebBee's Designs shows off "Blazing Stars," her newest chart.

Needlenook of La Jolla showed off new bead colors and embellishments from Sundance on their FB page.

Threedles has revealed their Christmas 2016 ornament.  This is the Bronze color.  The other colors aren't on the Threedles website yet.

Garden Gate Needlepoint is having a Nenah Stone trunk show and has posted photos of many canvases from Nenah I've never seen before on their Facebook page.  Use the side arrows to see them all.

Melissa Shirley just posted a huge hint that this new Vicki Sawyer painting will be available on needlepoint canvas.

These little trucks aren't brand new but I'd never seen them before.  Click on the right side arrow to see the truck itself they are mounted on.  Designs by Patti Mann.

Sally Corey has a new travel piece for Rio printed on canvas by Art Needlepoint.

The Needle Bug has new wine lovers' needle magnets.

More Melissa Prince movie coasters.

Here's Annie Lane's new Super Corgi.

Labors of Love shows off three new traditional Santa Christmas stockings to premiere in Dallas on their Facebook page.  Click on the right side arrow to see them all.

Amanda Lawford has updated her website with the newest items.  There isn't a What's New section so you'll have to look at everything but that's not really a hardship. It's all lovely.

The Stitching Studio and Gift Boutique has an exclusive Virginia piece from The Meredith Collection in the shop.

Needlepoint for Fun has a great new Mermaid Cocktail Party design that was a custom.  It's 14x10 inches on 18 count.   If you want a price quote, go to NP for Fun's custom design page and fill out the form asking for a quote for the Facebook mermaids piece.  (second link below)

Needle Delights is releasing two new charts from their Elements Series.  Here is "Earth" and "Water."   (The last two in the Elements series will be released next spring.)  They are also releasing "Turquoise Trails" and a new version of "Color Delights Rainbow" called "Rainbow 2."

Here's another new Quail Run design--a quail!

Quail Run shows off a new Southwestern design to premiere in September.

Laura Taylor will be teaching her version of this new Raymond Crawford vase of sunflowers piece at Destination Dallas.  I expect a stitch guide will be available from Laura after the trade show.

Maggie shows off one of the new designs from Marie Sansone on Facebook.  They all will be available to order at Destination Dallas.