Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Last Night Was Crazy

Barbara Russell's "Lady" from the African Fashion Series
Last night was too harried to work on Cha's feathers so I started blocking out the new project.  Since Glenis is threatening to die from curiosity about the Next Project in the Comments, I'll talk about it a bit here.  I am going to stitch an iPhone case as a gift.  I don't own a smart phone of course (cell phones don't work reliably in CH) but I know someone who does who needs a case.  I'm going to use a simple pattern on top of a fancy background in purples and blacks. (My victim, ah the gift recipient, wears a lot of black with either purple or pink accents.)

The first thing to do when you want to make something like this is to figure out the dimensions. I used Google to find out the size of iPhones.  They are roughly 4 1/2 inches high by almost 2 1/2 inches long so if I block out a space that is 5 inches high by 3 inches wide, that should allow any iPhone, even one inside a rubber case, to fit.  I might want extra space at the top to have a snap or piece of Velcro to close the case.  Rummaging in my stash,  I found a piece of "pewter" (i.e., light gray) 18 count canvas that is 7x8 inches.  I put it on stretcher bars, marked the center of each side with a tiny dot of blue marker at the edge, and printed out the instructions for the background stitch I plan to use.  Which is this.

My next steps will be to print out the charted motif I plan to put on top of the background and then figure out if everything fits inside the 5x3 space (or perhaps 5x6 since I could create a long rectangle I can fold in half and just stitch up the bottom and one side to make a case).  Those are all the hints you are going to get today.  I plan to work on Cha's tail feathers tonight, assuming things calm down enough.

By the way, the photo above is of one of Barbara Russell's new pieces.  Deborah (who collects African-themed canvases) stumbled across Ms. Russell's new African Fashion series and sent me the link.  The canvases are so spectacular that I had to share.  To see the whole series, click on New Designs at the link below.  If you  love African design, also look at the Clarice Collection for more canvases inspired by the continent and its people. Thanks for sharing, Deborah!

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