Monday, November 29, 2021

Using Salt Scrub: The Movie

The Needlepointer posted a video about how to use a salt scrub to smooth your hands before stitching, especially before stitching with silks and other threads that tend to snag on your hands.

Here is the salt scrub the shop sells.  It is Himalayan salt mixed with coconut oil, so it exfoliates and moisturizes your hands simultaneously.

If you wish, you can use table salt or sugar as a scrub rather than buying a specialty product. (Salt will sting if you have a cut on your hand or fingers.)  I use about the same amount as you find in those sugar packets poured in a wet hand.  Scrub for as long as you can manage.  Rinse well in warm water and then add a good hand cream.  You can even rub mayonnaise into your hand but --PRO TIP!-- don't let your significant other catch you standing rubbing mayo into your hands.

You get some odd looks if you get caught with the mayo.  LOL

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