Sunday, March 12, 2023

American Beauty Rose (Yellow)

Jan Sprague of the Stitchlady's Adventures blog is starting on a new charted design, Debbie Rowley's "American Beauty."  Jan's rose will be in shades of yellow.  I'll update this article as Jan works her design.

The only place I found this chart for sale online is at Stitchers' Paradise...

...but you can also buy it from Debbie's online store.

Here is Debbie Rowley's website in case you are curious about her work.

UPDATES:  Jan starts at the top.  She's listed the overdyes she and the designer chose to substitute for the original reds here.

Jan showed a good image of the chart and her current progress.  I find charted designs very hard so I sympathize with Jan's problems keeping track of what she's doing.

We've all been here, Jan.

And it's done!  HURRAH!

Looks great, too.  Another challenge met beautifully.  Here is what it looks like framed.

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