Saturday, July 9, 2022

Stretcher Bars: The Movie UPDATED

Megan at Needlepoint Clubhouse has posted a tutorial on stretcher bars on the shop's Instagram page.  You'll learn why a door frame comes in handy, what the Corjac set is, and why Megan likes needle minders.

Here is the basic thumbtack/tool set.

Here is the Corjac set, with both tools and the thumbtacks.  (Note that Tanja's in Canada, which might mean a slight delivery delay if you order from her.)

Here's a discussion of stretcher bars.

Want to know about Evertites?  This article from Blog will help.

I have to admit I use heavy duty staples to attach my canvases to my stretcher bars instead of thumbtacks because thumbtacks come out and the spikes bend on me.  Staples just work better for me.  Use what works for you.  No needlepoint police!

UPDATE:  KC Needlepoint has also done a short video about stretcher bars.  There are links to the shop's website to buy stretcher bars, thumbtacks or the Corjac tool set, as well.

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