Saturday, July 23, 2022

Let's Not Be Afraid to Strand

The latest newsletter from Rittenhouse Needlepoint in Philadelphia talks about Russell's stitching and how it is meditative for him.  Scroll down about half way to read what he has to say.

I'm not sure how long this newsletter will be available so I'm going to summarize what he says.  Russell loves Trio, the three ply silk/wool available from Brown Paper Packages, the company that makes Silk n Ivory for 13 count designs.  Since Russell likes to stitch in hand, if he is working on 18 count, he strands a skein of Trio before he starts to stitch so that he can enjoy the meditative scoop style stitching using tent or basketweave he likes to do.  (He can use Silk n Ivory as it comes off the skein for his 13 count projects.)

Russell says, "Simply put -- most meditative stitchers do NOT want to strand thread because it breaks the meditative rhythm of doing needlepoint."  So if you are working on 18 count, separate your thread into plies all at once, then stitch yourself into a meditative state.  

Your brain, heart and soul will thank you.

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