Sunday, July 31, 2016

TNNA Summer 2016

Movie star alert!  Waste Knot has a new exclusive portrait of Vivian Leigh from Amanda Lawford.

Devon Nicholson Designs has a series of great new tooth fairy designs for the young and the young at heart.

LACIS, the huge California shop with the nice website with all kinds of stitching items (but not much needlepoint) has started distributing printed needlepoint canvases from Grafitec.

Annie Lane has a new Jack Russell piece in her Happy Trails dog breeds series.  (She says the next in the series will be a Corgi.)  Order from Wellesley Needlepoint.

The chart for the Lizart Bargello Christmas stocking is available for sale on Liz Morrow's website.  Hurrah!

Ruth Schmuff has a new artist doing animal portraits that is quite good--Kimberly Santini.

There's a new giraffe in town!  Purple Palm has a new design that is charming.

Jody Valentine has a new Tall Hare for Halloween.

Stitch By Stitch just posted some of Tonya's designs.  I'd never seen them before but if you fall in love, a local shop can order them from Fleur de Paris.!Newer-designs-from-Tonya/o6dgx/57921a6e0cf2a8522f947fdc

Finca's got new perle cotton sampler packs in either Christmas or Halloween colors, with each available in size 8 or size 16 (?) perle cotton.  I happen to love Finca's perle cotton and think this is a nice way to pick up some to play with.

Kreinik's CAKS line now includes glasses holder strings made from their fabulous metallics.

Viola has some cute new lumbar pillows available.  I think these are fabric pillows meant as back supports for your favorite stitching chair.  You can see the patterns available and their newest belt canvases plus their snaplettes (self-finishing bracelets) and their new mini flasks on their website (second link below).

TNNA just posted a video that interviews 16 different booth owners on YouTube.

Sullivans has a new seam ripper that looks wicked!  Bet it's really sharp.

Maggie has a new Karla Gerard design posted on Facebook--13 count.

Patty Paints has a lovely brand new blue and white shells piece on their Facebook page.

BeStitched posted a new Purple Palms piece called "Secret Place" on their shop website.

Terry Dryden's Etsy shop is open. This is where you can pick up kits of Terry's teaching pieces.  She also has lovely beaded scissors fobs with matching needle threaders.

The Needlepointer in Washington State has a new line of "Sleeps Here" saying canvases from JL Canvas.  They mostly refer to sports mascots but you can get princess, prince, etc. versions.

Kreinik is now offering "French Silk" sets to introduce folks to their silk threads.  You can pick from several color assortments at a a very good price for 14 small skeins of nearly three yards each.  That's a lot of thread!

Orna Willis has new scissor fobs available in her Etsy shop (second link below).

Needlework Retailer mentioned a new very bright LED lamp from Yarn Craft Supplies that looks quite portable in their latest blog posting.

Lorraine at Colour Complements just announced a new line of solids (in size 5 perle cotton) to complement her overdyed threads.  So now you can use all of her vibrant colors in a piece that calls for several types of threads.

The Needlepoint Group of TNNA has started posting videos from the June trade show on their Facebook page.  So far, there's video of Associated Talents,  Alice Peterson, and Accoutrement Designs.

Needlepoint Inc.  has a series of Star Wars-themed characters.  I think these have been designed by the shop (second link below) but I am not certain.

Ianna Breese of Little Red Finch has two new designs available.  You can pick up her work at 3 Kittens Needle Arts or via her website (second link below).

The Needlework Retailer says that Julie Mar and Friends now distributes the Judaic designs of Marcia Steinbock.

Laura Perin has a new counted piece called "Country Roads."  It's a sort of patchwork fields sampler with darling little buildings and animals and even a tractor.  (LOVE the tractor.)   If you find this as charming as I do, head to her website to order the chart (second link below).

DMC has a new stitchable metallic mesh fabric.  It comes in either silver or gold.

Linda of Northern Pine Designs just announced her newest chart--"Boreal."  It's lovely!

Kelmscott Designs has new magnets and scissors (and more) released in July.  I think the new mini needle minder is a genius idea!  Not every canvas has room for a large one.

JP has a new Christmas piece called "Thumbelina and Friends."

Julia's Needlework has created a Gabriel Archangel stocking as an exclusive for Needlepoint of La Jolla (second link below).  Here you see the original design and the stocking.

Here's a new Halloween piece from Sandra Gilmore for Fleur de Paris.

Roger at School Needlepoint just announced a new line of what he calls "bookcase pillow" kits.  They all come with the name of that special school plus instructions and DMC perle cotton to stitch them with.  I don't know the dimensions.  Sorry.  But Roger will finish your stitched bookcase pillow for you at an extra charge.

Doolittle Stitchery has a new line of ski resort ornaments, available in both round or square.  If you love to ski, then this is for you.

Needlepoint This in Dallas, TX has designed and is selling "Back the Blue" ornaments. Proceeds from the sale of the ornament will be donated to the Dallas Police Department's Assist the Officer Fund.

Curtis Boehringer's daisy bouquet is now available from Fleur de Paris.

Melissa Shirley Designs just announced a new artist MSD will be distributing on needlepoint canvas--Este MacLeod!

Gayla Elliott Designs has posted 16 new canvases on her Facebook page.  Love the Madonna stocking....

Needle Delights has a new Color Delights chart called "Kelp."  This is number 43 in the series!

Barbara's Needlepoint shows off three sets of photos of patriotic stars from their in-house designer, Cindy.

Kathy of Needle Delights shows off "Boo," her latest counted needlepoint design.

Here is Raymond Crawford's traditional Christmas tree, new and posted on Facebook.

Raymond has a modern Christmas tree version, too.

DebBee's Designs is working on a new teaching piece called "Sonata."  Eventually the chart will be sold but not until after the class (or classes) are over.

Pepperberry just posted their new Freedom Eagle ornament on Facebook.

Blue Dogwood Designs has updated their website with the newest designs.

The new Strictly Christmas website is live.

Orna Willis just announced a third color way for her Shalom design.  Kits will be available to ship shortly.

Natalia's Fine Needlework shows off her latest chart for the IZMIR doll house carpet.

Puffin & Co.'s new Apple Threader comes in two sizes so you can choose the one that fits your stitching style--or buy both as they are really cute.  I adore the apple!

Michele at Little Bird Designs has a new gay pride design posted on Facebook.

Judy Keenan Needle Arts has added new designs to their Facebook page.

Needle Deeva posted a new patriotic heart canvas on Facebook.

Ruth Schmuff shows off new canvases from her line.

Pocket Full of Stitches shows off the colorful new Judy Keenan.

Needlework Retailer shows off the new Wooden Tool Tray from Doodlin' Around Design.

Donna went to market.  She had FUN!

Here's a new Otto Agular portrait from Purple Palm Designs, courtesy of BeStitched's Facebook page.

Mary Tussey has a lovely new shell design.  Here it is on her Facebook page.

Here's a cute new Charley Harper Christmas pig ornament, courtesy of Needlepoint Breeze's Facebook page.

Robbyn's Nest Designs just posted their newest canvas on Facebook. Think floral crossed with stone and stained glass....

JP Designs posted three new snowflake designs on Facebook.  They are lovely!

Melissa Prince Designs posted two new movie coaster canvases (Night at the Museum and Grease) on Facebook.

Hug Me Bags posted new fabric and a coordinated lining on Facebook.

Black Sheep Ideas has a new website to purchase their fabulous needle-tool organizer bags.

Funda Scully posted a new Patriotic hinged box canvas set on Facebook.

The June 2016 newsletter from Leigh Designs is all about the trade show.    If you want a little inside gossip, a bit about the designs Leigh saw when she left her booth to talk to friends, and of course the best places to eat in D.C., this is a great read!

Rainbow Gallery's latest newsletter shows off the new colors in several of their thread lines.

Barbara Russell Needlepoint Designs has been updated with the latest canvases.  There are some wonderful pieces added, too.

CBK has updated their website with their newest canvases, including their newest artist, Liora Manne.

The Needlepoint Group of TNNA is adding more booth photos to their Facebook page.  New designer shots include Ann Wheat Pace, Purple Palm, Julie Mar, Caron, Melissa Shirley, Zecca, and Custom House of Needle Arts.

Associated Talents posted five new photograph frame canvases on Facebook.

Here's a new Colors of Praise canvas--"Frog on Leaf."

Stitch By Stitch Larchmont just posted 27 photos of new Alice Peterson canvases on their Facebook page.  The link is to the first one.  Use the right side arrow to see the others.

Painted Pony just posted photos of their newest angel designs on Facebook.

The NP Group of TNNA has posted models of Leigh's Seashore Santas and the Jewels Coasters on their Facebook page.

Purple Palm Designs has a new artist joining them--Erin Nelson of Keleri Art Studio in North Carolina, has exclusively licensed Purple Palm Design to put her designs on needlepoint canvas.  This canvas, which is called "Hey! What's Up?" will be available in August.

The Needlepoint Group of TNNA has started posting booth photographs from the June trade show on Facebook.    So far you can see items from Rainbow Gallery, Fleur de Paris, Leigh Designs and Colonial Needle which includes Kelly Clark, Silver Needle and Lee Needle Arts.

Judy Keenan NeedleArts has a new website plus she's updated her Facebook page with her newest dozen designs!  There are some darling wrens and a rabbit among the daffodils that I think will be a best seller.

Here's the latest JP Needlepoint--"Christmas Tree of Packages."

Fleur de Paris posted three new Washington, D.C.-themed ornaments.  I think these are all from Sandra Gilmore, but I am not certain.

Here's the fourth D.C. ornament in the series mentioned above.

Luv2Stitch posted a new DJ Designs purse canvas, made up into a great bag.

Three Kittens shares two new Julie Paukert designs with a Minnesota flair.

Sally Corey posted her newest travel-themed canvas (Jerusalem) for Art Needlepoint on Facebook.

Robbyn's Nest Designs has a new photo album on Facebook called New Summer Designs.  More photos are promised.

Starke Art Designs has a new Santa's Workshop Pillow.  Photo on Facebook.

The Meredith Collection (formerly Elizabeth Turner Collection) just posted photos of a lot of new Big Buddy magnets on Facebook.  Peeps, emojii, patriotic, and more!

Pocket Full of Stitches posted new Amanda Lawford canvases on their blog.  These are in their shop now.

Waste Knot Needlepoint has posted the photograph of a new Labors of Love sign on their Facebook page.  Very funny!

Yarns of Wilmington has posted three photographs of the new colors of Rainbow Gallery threads on Facebook.  Use the side arrows to see new Fyre Werks, Entice and Neon Rays Plus.

Homestead Needle Arts shows off all their new goodies--and the new puppy!

Colour Complements is now offering overdyed Kreinik 1/16 inch ribbon.  You can see some of the beautiful color schemes on her blog.

The Wool and the Floss just added new photos to their Facebook page.  These are Kate Dickerson designs inside Lee leather snap trays and compacts.

The shop also posted new magnets from Accoutrement Designs.

And the shop posted four photos of canvases they liked.  Not identified.

Rachel Donley Needlepoint Designs just added three new designs to their Facebook "Signs and Sayings" photo album.

The Point of It All Designs Shop shows off three canvases from Judy Keenan on Facebook.

The shop also shows off two new Kelly Clark designs, both part of a series.

Lorraine of Colour Complements has released her color kit for Needle Delight's "Rainforest Crunch."  When Lorraine dyed her own colors for this design, she got so many requests for the colors that she has put this limited edition kit together for stitchers who love the bright, happy colors she used.  To see Lorraine's version or to order, visit her website.

Needlepoint Inc. has updated their website with new arrivals.  Most of these appear to be their own designs.
Kelly Clark has updated her website with new canvases and some thread kits from Prescencia.

Kelly Clark has a new Advent calendar, posted on Facebook by Louise's Needlework.

Artists Collection just posted two new fruit canvases from Art of Sunshine on Facebook.

Rebecca Wood has updated her website with her newest designs.

Waste Knot Needlepoint has added photos of new canvases the shop added from TNNA to their Facebook page.  I spotted designs from Associated Talents, Mindy, Kelly Clark, Kate Dickerson,  Amanda Lawford, the new designer Judy Keenan, Kirk and Bradley, Charley Harper, and Alice Peterson, plus Vicki Sawyer and Debbie Mumm of Melissa Shirley Designs.

Kathy Schenkel has updated her website with new items.

Here's a new Linda Carter Holman/Melissa Shirley design called "A Quiet Place."

Designers are showing off their model stitching.  This small stocking is from BB Designs....

...and this magnificent oriental pieces is from JP Needlepoint.

Here's a fun bird from Zecca from the trade show.  Posted on Facebook by Scrim Discovery Needlepoint.  I think the frame is from Deux Bijoux Bijoux.

New little hashtag signs from Kristine Kingston, courtesy of Pocket Full of Stitches.

Jean Smith and some of her amazing florals in her booth.

Sally Baer/BB Designs' new canvases displayed on their booth.

Louise's Needlework has updated their Facebook page with a lot more photographs of new canvases.

3 Kittens added 8 new photos to their FB page.  They are unidentified but I think most are from Melissa Shirley.

Four new designs from Bees Knees/Artists Collection.

Burnett and Bradley (formerly A Collection of Designs) has a new black and gold robed Santa.

Cynthia Thomas has updated her personal Facebook page with some photographs from the trade show.  You will see a few new Zecca pieces, Alice Peterson RV canvases, and new Associate Talents mittens.

The Gentle Art has two new colors in their Simply Wool line of crewel weight wools.

Leigh Designs has updated their website with three new sets of designs.  They have six new small Crown Jewels coasters...

...and four new Seashore Santas have been added making a full set of eight...

...and Leigh is distributing the colorful and happy artwork of Carla Bank.  There are stitch guides for several of the new designs.  Click on the photo (NOT the title) to see the stitched model.

Ridgewood shows off a few new Amanda Lawford designs on their blog.

What's the Point? Needlepoint just updated their Facebook page with a photo album called "DC Market."  Artists include Purple Palm, Kirk and Bradley, Labors of Love, Associated Talents, Melissa Shirley, Machelle Somerville,  Sandra Gilmore/Once in a Blue Moon, Kelly Clark, and Rebecca Wood.

Blue Dogwood Designs just updated their website with new fobs, weighed on the end with old coins.  Neat!

Mindy just posted a lovely floral piece on Facebook.  It's new at the trade show.

Sally Baer of BB Needlepoint Designs just posted five photos of her market booth and new bird designs on Facebook.

Kirk and Bradley posted a new travel round for Ireland on Facebook.

The Artists Collection has updated their Facebook page with new designs from Mile High Princess and Heartstrings.

Village Needleworks has updated their Facebook page with new designs from Kate Dickerson, Little Shoppe, Silver Needle, Lee, Puffin,  plus Chic-a bags and snap trays. has updated their Facebook page with a few new canvas photos.  None of the designers are identified.

Associated Talents has updated their website with their new designs.

A Stitch in Time is updating their Facebook page with new items from Associated Talents, Charley Harper, Purple Palm, Alice Peterson and Zecca, plus Sandra Gilmore.

Here are more new Kristine Kingston designs.

Here are all the new Sandra Gilmore Washington D.C. travel rounds-

Stitch By Stitch Larchmont has posted more photos on Facebook of the newest Alice Peterson, Zecca, Brenda Stofft, Labors of Love and Sandra Gilmore.  The large Labors of Love patriotic figures (Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty) are stupendous.

You can see a few more Labors of Love canvases on Facebook here.

New canvas photos from Facebook: Two new Cooper Oak canvases-

The Needle Works has posted photos of new Charley Harpers, Alice Peterson and Painted Pony angels, plus the new Brenda Stofft ones we've seen before.

Louise's Needlework posted a photo of the new River Silks ribbon colors and a Mile High Princess patriotic canvas in a class for shop owners.

Stitch By Stitch Larchmont is updating their Facebook page with new designs from a variety of sources.  They are also updating their Pinterest page but you have to have an account to see the album of June 2016 items.

New bead colors from Sundance, courtesy of Needlenook of La Jolla's Facebook page.  Love the matte finish!  Second link is new embellishments.

Here's a new Zecca bird piece with a stitch guide from Mary Legallet.  The matching frame is from Deux Bijoux Bijoux.

A new mini Christmas owl from Burnett and Bradley.

A new group of ladies on a beach from BB Designs.

Here's a new D.C. travel round from Kirk and Bradley.

And a Charleston travel round, also from Kirk and Bradley.

Brenda Stofft has posted four new Halloween designs on Facebook.  She promises to update her website later today (second link below).

Sheena's favorites among the new canvases.

Enriched Stitch shows off new Kristine Kingston ornaments.

Pocket Full of Stitches shows off new canvases from Amanda LawfordZecca, Melissa Shirley and Labors of Love.

Melissa Shirley has updated her website with new canvases.

A Stitch In Time has posted new animal portraits from the Meredith Collection and new Charley Harper designs on their FB page. I like the new hippo and new flamingo portraits myself.

Nenah Stone Designs isn't going to the June TNNA show, but this piece will premiere at the Destination Dallas show this fall.

Barbara's Needlepoint has only a few limited edition Santas from 2016 left.  I believe Ann Hansen designs these for the shop so they are not available elsewhere.

Pocket Full of Stitches posts links to designers that have updated their websites with their newest designs:  Pepperberry, Pippin, BB Needlepoint and Melissa Prince.

Enriched Stitch posts a look at new canvases from Amanda Lawford and Melissa Prince and a class piece of a stumpwork type wreath she took from Kelly Clark.

Pocket Full of Stitches just posted the new Princess and Me items.  I have listed this before but it was on Facebook, so this is for non-FB users.

Cathy Rapoza just posted four new designs on Facebook.  Use the side arrows to see them all.

>Homestead Needle Arts looks at some of the new things from Market this week.

Melissa Prince Designs has a sneak peek of new designs posted on Facebook.

Zecca has updated their website with their new items.

Quail Run shows off the Merry L wooden laying tools with a decorative ring so they can be attached to a needle magnet.

>If you use bobbins to wind your threads for a current project, you'll enjoy the Sheep Bowl and matching "Baa-bins" from Sheila Landry Designs.

Two new tallis/teflin bag designs in muted herringbone from JP.

New Associated Talents ornament models for the trade show.

Hug Me Bags just posted this on their Facebook page--"For the past 3 days I've been in North Carolina looking at new fabrics. The "hot" color for the coming year is in blue, any shade of blue. Other trends are digitally printed fabrics and faux leathers in various colors. New processes in manufacturing have produced fabrics that are "bleach cleanable" but feel and look luxurious."  Guess we know what we might see from the company this fall....

Artists Collection just posted three more sneak peeks at three fruit canvases from Art of Sunshine.  All have stitch guides.

Here's a new giggle from The Point of It All Designs.

The Needle Bug just posted three pages of new ornaments from Princess and Me on Facebook. Use the side arrows to see them all.

The Forest Needle will have the chart for this oriental pillow design ready shortly.

Kreinik promises to post about new items after the June trade show.

>The Needlepointer shows off the newest colors from Straw Silk and reveals the names of the new colors to come out at Destination Dallas in September.

The Historic Tapestry Shop has two new designs.  These are British kits, printed on 12 count fabric, which is easy on the eyes. It's a nice place to shop for something different.

Barbara Elmore introduces the Bar Hugger, a little bear shaped fabric that keeps your stretcher bars from wiggling around in the clamp of your frame.  Use the left arrow to see the various fabrics available.  Sundance Designs will have these ready to order at the June trade show.

Stitch By Stitch Larchmont is having a trunk show of an artist I've never heard of--Sea Breeze Designs.  I thought you'd love to see Sea Breeze's calm New England landscapes.!sea-breeze-designs/kmft3

Here are more sneak peaks of new Artists Collection designs--

Leigh Designs just dropped some large hints about their newest designs to be released at the June trade show.   Carla Bank has licensed her artwork to Leigh Designs and there will be new "Crown Jewel Coasters!"

Laura Perin has announced a new counted canvaswork design--"Lavender Fields." You can see it here and read about an alternate color scheme.  To buy, head to Laura's website (second link below).

Trish Burr has designed cotton project bags that might be very useful for smaller needlepoint designs.  They are large enough to hold a 10 inch diameter hoop, so any 9x9 canvas on stretcher bars should be able to fit inside the drawstring opening.

Sandra Gilmore of Fleur de Paris has a new rabbit design called "Bixby."  Join him in a cup of tea here.

Rogue Needlepoint will release a new, limited edition White House magnet at the TNNA show in June.  The same Amy newsletter talks about a new product called "fish leather" and how to use it.

Needlework Retailer shows off one of the new "medium" (and in medium-sized and medium priced) stockings by Labors of Love.

Love the Lee bags with places for canvas inserts?  Then you will want to check out their new silk taffeta zipper bags, perfect for cosmetics and tool storage.  They have a space for a three inch diameter canvas to be inserted.

SJ Designs has something new for sale--tiny beaded berry clusters.  If you want something very different for your trims, check this out.

Barbara Russell posted photos on Facebook of two new dog portraits adapted from Joanne West Cornish art.

Threadaholic Alert!  Needle in a Haystack has the new Silk Trame silk from Thistle Threads in stock.

Natalia's Fine Needlework has a new chart for a miniature dollhouse rug, her first for 2016.  It's called "Serenity."  Lovely!  By the way, while visiting the new design look at the header photo.  This Tree of Life original design is being charted right now.  It's for silk gauze (48 count I think) and uses Gloriana silk.  It is pretty amazing.

Here's a sweet new baby mermaid design from Mary Tussey.

The Meredith Collection (formerly Elizabeth Turner Collection) shows off a new Charley Harper design and a new Big Buddy magnet.

Another sneak peak from Artists Collection.  This time it is a Heartstrings design.

Golden Needlepoint has updated their website with the canvases from Sascalia's art that they distribute.

Here's a new small cactus from Sharon Weiser of Purple Palm Designs.

JP Needlepoint shows off two new tallis and tefellin bag designs.

Jude Designs has a new website.   Enjoy their Cajun-themed canvases here.

A new "Black Panther," from Colors of Praise.

Michelle Ink Designs has new rare earth magnets and scissor fobs.
Purple Palm Designs has a new couple available from Otto Agular.

Here's a new sun design from Susan Roberts.

The turtle and the sun bather is a new canvas from Colors of Praise.

CBK has a new magnet available to match their summersaulting Santa canvas.

Another sneak peak at a bit of a new Artists Collection design.

Painted Pony just announced that Fundy Scully's newest Little Monsters and Wedding ornaments are on Funda's website.  Make sure you check all three pages of new stuff.
Zweigart's Leventeen Blue canvas, 18 count, is now available again.

Here's a new JP Design--"Black and White Squares in Squares."

Jennifer at Pippin Studio shows off her newest designs.

Kreinik has just announced they are packaging sample sets of their Silk Mori silk flosses as "French Silk Sets."  It's a great cost-effective way to get just a little bit of silk in pretty colors to play with, or to use on a project with many small areas of various colors.

HSN Designs is continuing to add to their new lines of canvases.  Every section except the Cheryl Dunlap one has new goodies to drool over.

Great news for fans of overdyed Kreinik!  Colour Complements in England is now dyeing size 16 braid in some of their fun color combinations.

Suzy from Enriched Stitch just finished stitching this brand new Meredith Collection design. I don't know if Suzy will teach it or sell a stitch guide, but it's lovely regardless.

3 Kittens shows off the latest Minnesota-themed design (in Prince Purple with purple rain, naturally) from Inna Breese.

Ehrman Tapestry has licensed artwork and textile designs from the Victoria and Albert Museum for their newest kits.  These are all 12 count and the tapestry wool to stitch them in continental is included in the kit. I am not sure if these ship directly from England.

Alice Vantrease Needlepoint is doing a set of Four Seasons panels.  See them on their Facebook page.

Cynthia Thomas shows off another canvas to be taught at TNNA.  This sunflower vase is by Needle Deeva.

Robbyn's Nest posts a lot of custom canvases on their Facebook page.

A whale basket from Mary Tussey.

Another Sneak Peek at a new Artists Collection canvas.

A new A.Bradley pumpkin design, stitched by Cynthia Thomas, that will debut in June.

Sudberry has a new Memory Tray, available in two sizes.  Louise's Needleworkhas one in stock that appears to be the large size, but ask to be sure.

Kreinik has new flag pen kits, this time for Scotland and Ireland.

There are new mini liquor bottle canvases from Point Of It All Designs, currently exclusive to Enriched Stitch.  They are called "Nips."

Another glimpse of a new Artists Collection design from Facebook-

Here's the newest from BB Needlepoint Designs--"Girl with Scarf."

BeStitched posted two new landscapes from Chip DuPont/Purple Palm which are available for pre-order.  Available in August after the June show.

Down Sunshine Lane has a limited number of Snoopy magnets from a clay artist in Canada.

J. Malahy Designs has updated her website with all of her sock monkey canvases.

A second new cow skull from Funda Scully/Painted Pony.  More to come.

Barbara Russell has put a Joanne West Cornish painting of a rooster on np canvas.  This will be available in June.

Susan Roberts has new key fob kits that include the hardware.

Purple Palm shares a new Chip DuPont landscape to debut in June--"Garden Tower."  Delivery expected in August.

Melissa Shirley just posted her newest Halloween design on Facebook--"Punkin' Witches."

>Connie Pickering Stover's latest limited edition design, "Mauna Loa," is now available as either a canvas only or a kit.

Jody Valentine of Jody Designs has three new large striped hare designs available in her Etsy shop.

Two new Anna Pearson teddy designs.

Here is a Santa sneak peek from Artists Collection.

"So Happy" is a new design from Eye Candy.  It'll be a class at Fancy Stitches in Fall 2016.

Look!  Zecca has ribbons!  Awesome!

Melissa Prince Designs posted a sneak peak at a purse canvas stitched by Sandy Arthur.  This will debut at the TNNA show in June.

Sally Corey has a new Ikat design for Julie Mar.

Inna's Minnesota Nice ornaments are back in stock at 3 Kittens.

Here is a new Nenah Stone design--birthday party cats.

Elizabeth Bradley has new alphabet kits, currently on sale.

Zecca shows off their latest--"Sunny Flower."

Barbara Elmore drops hints about her new tool that Sundance will introduce at the TNNA show.

Cynthia Thomas will teach this new JP Needlepoint pink flower at the TNNA show.

Kirk and Bradley (formerly Kirk and Hamilton) has six new snow cone snowmen, too.

There's a new Burnett and Bradley butterfly (formerly A Collection of Designs).

Fleur de Paris just posted the new dede Celestial Wizard double canvas on Facebook. The front and back are gorgeous!

Melissa Prince Designs posted two new models of new movie coasters on Facebook.  The guides are by Enriched Stitch and the movies are Frankenstein and Sex and the City.  The later is an exclusive to Enriched Stitch.

Needle Delights has a new design almost out ("Land of the Free") and is starting another ("Boo Logs").

Jessica Taylor has a website for her new line of needlepoint kits--Taylor Made.

Lacis is distributing a line of printed needlepoint canvases.

Paula Sibbald designed new tiny 2 1/2 inch scissors for Kelmscott Designs, available now from Purl Soho and available to order elsewhere May 18th.

Kelly Clark is teaching her "Patriotic Wreath" with summer fruits and vegetables at the TNNA show.

Julia Snyder of & More has a new thread to show off--Heather!  It's blends of wool colors creating a heathery mix.  It's probably very good for natural things like plants and animals although I have not seen it in person.  You can learn more at the & More website (second link below).

Golden Needlepoint in Las Vegas has licensed the artwork of Sascalia and reproducing it on needlepoint canvas.

Liz Morrow of LizArt has a new geometric design available.  It's called "Red, White and Blue" and is available from Liz's website as a digital download (second link below).

Cynthia Thomas shows off three classes she'll be teaching at the TNNA show.

Kreinik has added a Texas flag to their Stitch-a-Pen kits by popular demand.  These are stitched on perforated paper that is inserted into the pen.

Blue Dogwood Designs has a Box of Ornaments kit.  A dozen ornaments with guides and beads available in three color ways!

Sandra Vargas has a new canvas in her Alice in Wonderland series.  This time it's Alice herself.

Sandra Vargas also has a new Edward Scissorshands,

...the Oz Girls...

And an Amethyst Mermaid, the third in her mermaid series...

These canvases are distributed by Bedecked and Beaddazzled.  Contact the shop for help.

Ashley Dillion Davis of Susan Roberts has a new "Santa Whimsey."

Chandail has a new kitted project from Raymond Crawford called Floral Heart.  The stitch guide is from the talented Patricia Sone.  Part of the proceeds from sales of this go to the American Heart Association in honor of the owner's father.

Hingham Square Needlepoint is introducing a new canvas line called HSN Designs.

Nenah Stone has a lovely new hummingbird canvas posted on Facebook.

Tango and Chocolate will be debuting canvases based on Stephen Fowler's art at Destination Dallas this fall.

Artists Collection shows off the big red bird and his sequins and palettes, ready to debut at the June show.
The Meredith Collection (formerly Elizabeth Turner Collection) has posted photos of their newest Big Buddies magnets on their Facebook page.

Do you collect needle minders?  If so, you'll want to look at the ones made from vintage rhinestone jewelry that A Thread Garden has in stock.

Robbyn's Nest Designs has added a new photo album of miscellaneous canvases to their Facebook page.

Devon Nicholson Designs has announced a new series of canvases, based on the Anne of Green Gable books.  These are officially licensed and available in the U.S. and Canada.

Sign of the Arrows's 2016 Limited Edition Ornament has been announced.  It's available as either a chart or a painted design.

Point of It All Designs shows off two new miniature doll canvases from L'espirit de France.  I think these are smaller versions of dolls they already have in the POIA line.

Laura Perin shows off her newest counted canvaswork design-- "Indian Spring" -- which is the last in her seasonal Southwestern quilt patterns.  You can order from her website (second link below).

Melissa Shirley Needlepoint just posted two new Santa Fe landscapes by Annie O'Brien Gonzales on their Facebook page.  Use the right arrow to see both.

Kreinik has added ten flag designs to their Stitch-a-Pen kits.  These are stitched on perforated paper and inserted in the pen.

Lycette Designs has added two new designs to the bottom of their photo album on their Facebook page.

Ridgewood shows off new spool designs.  I don't know the designer but I've not seen these before so I assume they are new.

Purple Palm Designs has a new artist--Chip DuPont.  Here is a sneak peek of one of his designs on NP canvas.  More will show up as we get closer to the June show.

Purple Palm Designs has posted a new Otto Agular design called "Three Ladies with Wildflowers" out in June, too.

Caron's Snow is now available on 40 yard and 100 yard cards. Perfect for a color you use a lot of or if you are doing a background all in Snow.

Mary Tussey has a new beautiful blue flower slipper design.  It's not on her Etsy shop yet so message her for help.

Kam's Handpainted Needlepoint has a new circles design.  These are also available as individual circles.

Here is a good look at the tin trays from Cheryl Schaeffer.  Perfect for the country kitchen!

SJ Designs is re-releasing three old charted "White Tree" designs in May.

Art Needlepoint has started a new canvas series with "Brooklyn Baby" from Jeanette Kevin-Oren.  These are not painted canvases, but very high quality printed ones.

SJ Designs has just received a shipment of vintage 16mm crystal AB Rivoli circles.  These would be fab on the right canvas....

Rainbow Gallery has completely updated and revamped their website!

SJ Designs has new Swarovski 4mm crystals in the bicone shape that resemble milk glass available.

Deux Bijoux Bijoux shows off one of their new leash frames made for Pippin's "Time for a Walk?" on Facebook.

Julie Paukert Designs has started posting photographs of her canvases on her Facebook page.  Many of these Boston and Cape Cod-themed pieces are available from Wellesley Needlepoint, but ask Julie for details.

Amanda Lawford has updated her website with the newest January 2016 designs.  Sadly there is no What's New section.

Mishka's Needlepoint has a new whimsical cat with catnip teacup design.  The photo's on Facebook plus links to her website and eBay shop.

Accoutrement Designs has new magnets--owls come in many colors, there is a blue and white cross of St. Andrew flag of Scotland, and a large rhinestone fox.

Pocket Full of Stitches is doing a sale (today, April 2, 2016 only) of canvases from Strictly Christmas.  Since the designer doesn't have a website, this is one of only a few places where you an see the breadth of her designs.  Besides her Squatty Santas, you'll see Christmas pigs, hippos and sock monkeys.  Fun!

Nenah Stone has a new cat ballerina, butterflies and flowers piece.  Lovely!

Jody Designs has a new black and white check rabbit design which Jody herself posted on Facebook.

Ruth Schmuff has announced her fourth book of stitches.  It is available in two sizes, and hopefully will be available as an app later this year.

Down Sunshine Lane has a new shipment of clay magnets.  If you are a collector of magnets, you'll want to see their limited selection of cuties.

Orna Willis has new fobs in her Etsy store. They are hilarious!

Kreinik has just released their new five colors in size 8 braid, as well as the original size 12 released in January 2016.  You can see the two new purples, limes and orange here.

Jessica Chaney announces her new line of sassy canvases. See her work on the Facebook page for Lycette Designs Needlepoint!

Here's a new Vicki Sawyer design from Melissa Shirley's Facebook page.  Peeps!

Eggs-elent!  The Royal School shows off this egg and egg cup canvaswork design from student Amy Burt which is available as a fund raiser in limited edition card form from their website (second link below).

Connie Pickering Stover's designs are now available as limited edition kits.  If you love experimental needlepoint or modern art, check these beauties out.

Curtis Boehringer's "Girls Rule/Pink Queen" is available again, according to Victori-Anne's Treasures.  The shop posted about it on Facebook.  If your local shop will order for you, Curtis' distributor is Fleur de Paris.

Painted Pony just posted two Patriotic Snowmen from Lynne Andrews on Facebook.

Orna Willis has re-released her counted canvaswork design "Linda" in three color ways.  The chart and instructions have been re-worked to make the design up to date.  You can pick up the kits from her website (second link below).

Jody Valentine of Jody Designs posted a new rabbit available from her Etsy store on Facebook. It's called the Tall Hare Rose.

In Stitches brought home a tool I'd never heard of from the cross stitch show--a combination laying tool and seam ripper.   You can see them in the last photo on this blog entry.

Are you a fan of Waterweave's animal canvases?  Check out their blog to see stitched models, discontinued pieces and just plain fun canvases.

Zecca's latest "Gem Squared" is ready.  It comes with a stitch guide.

Rachel Donley Needlepoint is posting her new designs on her Facebook page.  Boxes, jewelry and modern clean designs!

Painted Pony just posted two new chicken canvas from Diane Ulmer Pederson on their Facebook page.

Needlework Retailer showcases "La Mision" from Threedles  This is from the Espade Series, a counted design with three color ways.  All three color sets are on her website (second link below).ón-espada.html

Painted Pony has posted Diane Ulmer Pederson's "Four Cats" on Facebook.

Pocket Full of Stitches posted three new designs from Love You More on their blog along with some nice designs from Point Of It All Designs we have seen before.

Sally Corey has introduced a new printed canvas (available from Art Needlepoint) in her travel series.  This one is "Memories of Florence Ponte Vecchio."

JP Needlepoint shows off their new "Camelot Christmas," which will come with a free stitch guide so you can replicate what Juli Poitras stitched exactly if you like.

Needlework Retailer shows off a new combination magnets and needle minder case.

Homestead Needle Arts has updated their shop website with new purchases from Market, including magnets, a Daylight light/magnifier and a Daylight floor stand I've not seen before.

Kelmscott Designs has a new four leaf clover magnet and new small scissors, just out in March 2016.

Julie Mar has a new canvas called Whimsical Puppies for folks who love their dogs leavened with humor.

A new Charley Harper that will be available in June has been posted on the Meredith Collection (Charley's new distributor) Facebook page.  It is a giant squid and whale.

Painted Pony has posted a photo of the last of Diane Ulmer Pederson's Farm Animal Series on Facebook.  It's the "Farm Cow."

Orna Willis has new charms with stitching-related sayings available in her Etsy store.

From Nancy's Needle has posted two new counted canvaswork designs on their website. I love the quilt patterned floral "Autumn Mums!"

Melissa Shirley has three new florals called the Finders Keepers series.

The Needlework Retailer shows off Liz of Tapestry Tent's new Halloween piece for Susan Roberts--"Zombies Like Candy."  LOL

Terry Dryden has announced three color ways of her "Tiebele Nights" design are now available. If you love color and counted canvaswork, or just want to have some fun with Terry, this small design is something to check out.

Laura Perin has a new quilt design for Easter.  It is called "Spring Surprises."

Osterville Needlepoint now offers personalized name Christmas ornaments. Contact the shop to order.

Osterville also has a new shop logo magnet. If you are a magnet or a mermaid collector, you'll want to see it.

Painted Pony shows off a new folk art landscape needlepoint from Diane Ulmer's art.

Blue Dogwood has three new sachet design kits.

Painted Pony just posted two new Mary Engelbreit canvases on their Facebook page.

Mary Tussey has posted photos of her new Kissing Bunny series on Facebook.

Needlework Retailer just posted a photo of the newest Michele Noiset Christmas snowman stocking from CBK.

Scott Church/CBK has a new Halloween design-Halloween Penguins.  LOL!product/prd1/4482521651/scott-church-a-penguin-halloween

Osterville Needlepoint on the Cape has a wonderful exclusive beaver ornament.  I think this is a Scott Church/CBK.

The Needlework Retailer shows off four new ornaments of Santa in four different styles.  These are from dede Odgen, distributed by Fleur de Paris.

The Artists Collection has posted a photo of a new Mile High Princess design to debut in June on Facebook.