Monday, April 26, 2010

Look at the Cats, Not Vivian Leigh

Yesterday I finished the border around the perimeter of Vivian Leigh and then promptly ripped it all out. I hated how it looked.  Alone, the border looked great, but the mix of deep violet and the overdye's shading just didn't look good with the paler and lighter center of the square.  Instead of setting it off, it detracted from the square and really bothered me.  So out it came.  I am going to try again today.  Wish me luck!

While I wrestle with Vivian,  here's a preview of new designs created for the Columbus TNNA show in June.  The canvas above is the latest Halloween Trick or Treat Cats from Patt and Lee Designs.  There is a preview canvas --but just one-- available from New Needlepoint as the owner Marianne and Patt herself are good friends.  Patt has just finished stitching the canvas and is writing up the stitch guide which will be available soon.  Note that the canvas is 16 count.

That's not all.  There are more Trick or Treat cats, and cats in general, that will appear in June at the trade show.  These are on the Patt and Lee website already. (That pirate cat cracks me up!) Patt and Lee creates high quality printed canvases on the size 14, 16 or 18 canvas.  Charts are also available, and there are plans to release the most popular of their line as painted canvases since many stitchers don't realize what good quality (and great prices) there are in the Patt and Lee line of printed designs.  You can wait and pay more for a painted canvas later this year or splurge now.

I hope you have fun exploring the newest designs for our stitching pleasure while I glare at Vivian....

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