Saturday, October 28, 2023

NJNA Diagrams Chottie's Plaid UPDATED

The latest newsletter from the New Jersey Needle Artists Chapter of ANG starts out with a bang by diagramming Chottie's Plaid.  Then they do a quick review of new designs from the trade show last week.

UPDATE:  Melita was at the meeting and is working her plaid.

If you aren't familiar with Chottie's Plaid, it is Chottie Alderson's way of creating a plaid.  Basically, you do skip tent in horizontal rows, then follow with tent stitches working the skipped canvas threads vertically.  

You can also do your horizontal rows, then turn the canvas a quarter turn and do more horizontal rows in reverse tent to fill in the skipped spaces.

You can work Chottie's Plaid in two colors as shown or mix it up with many different colors.  First, pick numbers that are meaningful to you, such as a birthday, street or apartment number, part of a phone number, etc.  Then assign a color to each number you choose.  If you pick four numbers, you need four colors, etc.

If you picked 2810 as your number and choose red, green, gold and navy as your colors, you would do two rows in red, then eight rows in green, followed by one row of gold and ten rows of navy.  (You can't do zero rows so most folks simply use 10 instead.). 

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