Friday, February 5, 2010

Awaiting More Snow (with Mindy)

The weatherman (who hates me) is predicting another two feet of snow will start falling on Chilly Hollow this afternoon, so I didn't finish the camouflage bra's background yesterday--I was too pooped from all the running around to prepare for heavy snows.  Maybe tonight...

I do have news I've collected this week to share with you.  First of all, Needle Point Junction on Hilton Head Island has a fun beach themed Christmas Village monthly club for you to enjoy.  You may prefer last year's Year at the Beach ornaments but regardless, it's nice to stitch summer themes when Mother Nature has made you a bull's eye!

The big news for me this week is the fact that Mindy has a new website.  The photo above, "Quilted Sunflower" is one of the new pieces shown there.

I love Mindy's work (there's a big hydrangea piece of hers in my stash, waiting patiently) but I hadn't been to her site in several weeks.  I didn't know it had been revamped until I listened to the Mindy interview on Blog Spot Radio this week.

You may not be as big a Mindy fan as I am, but I am sure you'll enjoy the radio shows Gone Stitching does weekly.  It's a great listen while you are inside, stitching, and watching the snowflakes.

No snow yet, but it's only a matter of time.  Everyone stay inside where you can stitch safely and be happy to have a warm stitching nest.

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