Monday, January 10, 2011

Amy Does TNNA

Well, it's actually Robin talking, describing all the things Amy's picked up for the shop.  In the first link, June McKnight is dressed as a witch to promote her new book of Halloween stitches.  LOL  There's a photo of her Halloween stitch sampler, too.

Michele reports on her favorite canvas and her plans for it.  Stay tuned!  She often blog stitches project for her shops.

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More Wonderful Things

PFOS has posted many new designs from Robbyn's Nest.  I like the little elf with the spool legs and feet and big beard myself but there is a lot here to enjoy.

If you like whimsical country designs, then you'll want to see the Ewe and Eye canvases Nimble Needle is featuring.

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While You Weren't Watching...

While you were looking at my online postings, I was busy stitching a secret project for Leigh Designs, a model of her Temple of 1000 Cranes, a brand new design.  Ridgewood Needlepoint kindly took a photo of it framed for display at the Leigh Designs booth.  She's right--I used four shades of Chinese red in High Cotton on the temple itself.  The rocks are done with another new thread--the fabulous Planet Earth 6 Ply Silk in two shades of gray for the rocks and their deepest black for the temple interior and the cranes' wings.  Both new threads are terrific and ones I'll use again and again.

A stitch guide for Temple of 1000 Cranes will be available in February and possibly earlier, depending on my family responsibilities.  This is one of a series of eight designs, all of oriental fantasy pagodas.  Colleen at Needle Works has blogged photos of all eight of the buildings.

Going back to the first link, Eileen at Ridgewood also took a photo of one of the new bags from Colonial Designs (they distribute the Lee leather bags).  That's Leigh holding it.  Leigh has designed several insert canvases for these bags.  I hope photos of them turn up on her website today also.  I know there is a magnolia and a Chinese New Year dragon pattern for these inserts.  It is likely the rectangular canvases on the wall behind Leigh's head are those designs but I can't be sure.  Sadly, there are no online photos of the new bags yet besides the one Eileen took, but Leigh says they are fabulous, with lots of pockets and three zippers.

Once Leigh Designs posts photos of the Fantasy Pagoda series online, I'll post more about Temple of 1000 Cranes.  Until then, a partial photo is the header here.

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TNNA 2011: Sunday Reporting

Patt has a few favorites at TNNA.

Colleen has a few new things to talk about, and promises more later.

Janet Perry is reporting on new threads.

Tisha has a book wish list as well as some new tools.

She also has some great new tools and a thread described as "braided crystal bead thread" that I'm going to have to see!

Ridgewood reports that HP Designs is releasing many of their canvases on 13 count.  That's good news for those of us who prefer the larger size to HP Designs' usual 18 count.  Click on the photo of their display for a better look.

Ridgewood has posted a two-part Day Two at TNNA report for us.  Part One has photos of a new designer--BB Needlepoint Designs.  Love the kiwis pillow!

Part Two talks about another new designer, Melissa Price, shows off Missy at Ruth Schmuff's booth, and has photos of DJ Design's magnificent Arts and Crafts style rug.  I want that!

All that hard work blogging is greatly appreciated.  You shop owners are THE BEST!

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