Monday, September 5, 2022

Plan Ahead....WAY Ahead

The July shop newsletter from Rittenhouse in Philadelphia has a lot of information about delays in obtaining painted canvases and custom acrylic trays.  The shop says they are getting shipments more regularly but their acrylic tray finisher is full up and won't be taking any more orders.  They are trying to find another acrylic maker to help ease the situation but no promises.

The shop has also heard about delays in getting canvases from some designers:

Labors of Love- All canvas orders delayed until further notice

The Meredith Collection- At least 6+ months

Melissa Shirely- For STOCKINGS always order in advance, wait time of 1 year+

Strictly Christmas- Always order in advance, wait time of 1 year+

Carol Dupree- All canvases delayed indefinitely

Kate Dickerson- We don't have an official update but some canvas orders are still held up at the painting house for several months.

The moral of the story is to plan ahead.  Melissa Shirley Designs now has a section on her website for items that are currently in stock.  I haven't noticed any other designer doing this but some may have.  Your favorite shop may be able to track down a canvas you want through their network of fellow shop owners.  You also should ask in the big stitching groups like Facebook's Needlepoint Nation to see if anyone has seen that canvas you want in their local shop or perhaps has it in their stash and are willing to part with it.

Supply chain issues are here to stay for at least several years, so plan ahead and be flexible.  

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