Saturday, November 19, 2016

Threadaholic Alert: House of Embroidery

Folks who love trying new threads will be interested in Mary Corbet's latest posting on her website. It's all about threads (cotton, silk flosses plus vicose threads, cotton perles and ribbons) from House of Embroidery in South Africa.

You don't have to ask the company to ship to you from South Africa, either.  House of Embroidery has a US distributor for its cotton flosses and perles.  And Mary--bless her!--has negotiated a sale price for her readers that is good until Cyber Monday (November 28 for those who live in places where cyber sales after Thanksgiving aren't part of the normal vocabulary).

Right now the sale website is down due to too many threadaholics visiting, but keep trying.  A new thread is worth returning.

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