Saturday, December 25, 2010

By the Way

I'm not stitching a lot at Christmas since I'm going to be cooking while keeping track of the newest member of the Chilly Hollow family.

This is Watson....

He likes the fact that it is snowing outside.  We've been out to play in it four times since 6 a.m.

He is taking a nap.  I think I will, too.  Merry Christmas everybody!

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Christmas Morning

It's Christmas morning in Chilly Hollow, the magical time when presents used to appear under our tree when I was a child.  Now that I am an adult, I can see behind the magic to all the work that creates the illusion of Santa, and to the real magic that is the birth of Christ.

Stitchers come in all sizes, shapes, nationalities and religions. The one thing that joins us is our love of handwork on needlepoint canvas.  To honor that link between us on this magical morning, I have many lovely needlepoint things to show you.  Let's start by visiting the slide show of customers' stitching.

Is your fireplace looking like Robin's?

Are there no packages under your tree?

Are you missing the company of other stitchers?  Perhaps you will enjoy reading about the Christmas Tea the Sampler Guild of the Rockies threw.  We can enjoy this vicariously without having to do all the work to throw such a party.

The Colorado Stitcher also made a tiny gingerbread house ornament that you'll enjoy.  It's on plastic canvas and she kindly posted a link to the instructions she used.  You know, this looks like fun!

How about adding Peace, Joy and a bit of Noel to your heart?

If you are tired of looking at painted canvases you haven't a clue how to stitch, PFOS has a display of finished ornaments from their ornament exchange to enjoy.

Do you just need a little time with Santa?  Marcy's newly finished Santa is a bit different but also traditional and he's ready to give you a big hug.

If you are a counted canvaswork person, this Santa is for you.

Do traditional Christmas themes set your teeth on edge?  Then this purse of Christmas fruits might be right up your alley.

Or you might be interested in NP slippers, backgammon sets or belts and dog themed needlepoint.  These items are already made up.

Whatever caught your eye, I hope you enjoyed the magic of Christmas morning here with me in Chilly Hollow.  I'm going to finish with a slide show of the Christmas items I've stitched over the years along with the Hospitality stocking Judie stitched for me and the little handmade Christmas card Beth sent.

I hope you enjoy it and that we all have a Happy New Year!

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow Blogging at Archived Yahoo 360 postings at