Friday, December 25, 2015

The History of Slate Frames

Tricia Nguyen uses and sells slate frames for her reproduction embroidery business, so I was intrigued when she mentioned Access Commodities' essay on the history of slate frames.  I've not used slate frames myself as I don't like stitching on drum-tight needlepoint canvas but it is important for some types of needlework and the history is fascinating.

Here is the direct link to the essay.

Access Commodities sells wonderful threads and other supplies for the needleworker as well as slate frames.

You can also order custom made and painted slate frames from Diamond K Folk Art.

You wouldn't believe the variety of painted frames Rachel of Diamond K has made!

The tools we use are so vital to our work that it is important to know more about them and to honor their usefulness.  Merry Christmas to all stitchers and a Happy New Year to their tools!

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