Blog-Stitching Links

Occasionally I post progress photos as I stitch something, explaining why I made the choices I did in full and showing the entire canvas as it is worked.  I call this "blog-stitching."  The links to these projects are below.

I have moved the Russian Santa Stitch-a-Long to the Chilly Hollow Stitch Guides blog.  Please visit the main page here and the materials list at the second link below.

The No Flying Monkeys stitch-a-long is also located on the CH Stitch Guides Blog.

The Pirate Cat stitch-a-long (a Patt and Lee design) is there, too.

Angel with Tree is also stitched in public, though these articles are more an explanation of what I chose and why than a stitch guide.  This design is one of a series of angels by Melissa Shirley Designs.

So is Purple Palm's Woodstock Christmas Logo ornament.

I've done tutorials on Blog about various dimensional techniques such as Or Nue, needle felting, stumpwork and brick stitch beading, using Debbie Mumm's Cat Bat and Pumpkin Halloween ornament.  Here are those links:


Maria said...

Aloha Jane,

I wish I could join you but I've still got all those MS Witches to do.

Merry Christmas,
Maria Maunez aka Livia Reed

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Oh, well, stitch like the wind. You can always do a Russian Santa once you are done!