Counted Canvaswork Designers

Designers of Counted Canvaswork charts can be hard to find. I've listed the websites and/or contact information for all the ones I know about in alpha order, including teachers of counted work who occasionally sell their charts to the pubic. Please note in many cases you will have to buy their works from a shop as many don't sell directly to the public. There is a list of shops that have a lot of charts available on a separate tab or you can click here.

If you are a fan, there are several Facebook groups of counted canvas workers to hang out with.

I don't do counted pieces much myself so please help me keep this up to date by sending me new information and updating the old.  Thanks!


Needlepoint Now magazine's index will help you locate free designs from counted designers in their magazine's past issues.

The magazine is also selling reprints of some of their most popular designs.


During the 2020-21 pandemic, several counted designers posted free designs on the American Needlepoint Guild website.


Abigail Cecile 
Primarily a painted canvas designer, Abigail Cecile has small but cute counted designs in her Etsy store. These are great for a travel project or to teach a new stitcher.

Abigail Cecile now has two e-pattern monogram charts.  Each pattern has three variations.

Here's a free bunny design from Abigail Cecile.

Ada Hayden (see Eye Candy below)

Always and Forever Needlepoint (Lucinda Gregory)

Always in Stitches (see Bridget Viehweg below)

Amybear Needlepoint (Amy Wolfson, now retired)

Andy Zermanski
This UK painter also designs charted needlepoint for various magazines.  It's worth trying to track them down if you fall in love with one.

Ann Strite-Kurz (teacher who sells some designs and her books directly; if you are in love with a class ask if she will sell you the instructions and/or kit)

Ann's Razzle-Dazzle is a classic.

Ann-Marie Anderson-Mayes (Australian designer and teacher with Etsy store)

These little furniture pin cushions on Congress cloth are her design.

Anna Pearson
(located in the UK - these are kits)

Anna-Marie Winter (teacher who sells some designs)

Ann-Marie Anderson-Mayes (see  Beautiful Stitches)

Arlene Cohen (see WorksByABC below)
A fabulous stitcher, Arlene never saw a type of needlework she didn't want to try.  She sells some of her original designs as charts on Etsy.  Visit her website (second link below) to admire her stitching of other folks' designs.  By the way, her charts are now available via Hoffman Distributing.

Many of Arlene's designs are available in several versions.  Her Gossamer Lace can be done in cross stitch or in blackwork, for example.

Barbara Baker

Bargello Needlepoint (Althea DeBrule's original designs plus many books on Bargello and some supplies sold here)

Betty Chen Louis (retired teacher whose beautiful Asian designs and cityscapes are only available on eBay)

Beautiful Stitches (see Ann-Marie Anderson-Mayes)

Ann-Marie is starting online classes, too.

Blackwork Journey (see Elizabeth Almond below)
Elizabeth Almond has a whole series of free blackwork patterns on her website, many suitable for backgrounds, borders or snowflakes.

Brenda E. Kocher Designs

Brenda's blog

Bridget Viehwig (see Always in Stitches above)

Canvaswork Plus (see Diane Grant, UK designer who has done several articles for Needlepoint Now magazine and a small booklet)

Carol Algie Higgenbotham
primarily a teacher

Carol Mullane

Carol Costello (see Fancy Work and Fantasies below)

Carol's Counted Canvaswork

Carol Mullane

Carol Storie (see Heartfelt Designs below) - Canadian teacher and designer

Carole H. Lake Designs (teacher who sells some designs) - also see Stitchplay

free designs

Carolyn Gayton
(English designer known for goldwork kits also has a range of sizes of counted canvaswork designs; she also sells leather, sequins, metal threads and other supplies)

Carolyn Mitchell Designs

Caron Collection (charts from the Caron thread company utilizing their products)

The Central Kentucky Chapter of ANG has a new fund raiser chart-"The Red White and Blue."  If you love charts or love patriotic designs, this one is for you.  Message Karen Barras on Facebook to purchase.

Chiaro Frrago Designs (Kathryn Narron)
I know nothing about this company or designer except I've seen geometric charts that seem to be based on quilt patterns under this name on eBay.

Catherine Coleman

Cheryl Schaeffer

Christine Day (see Mountain Laurel Designs)

Colour Complements
Colour Complements in Canada is a thread company with occasionally free designs for download.

Creative Reflections (4-way Bargello designs from Patricia Hartman and a few designs from Mary Knapp and Julie Blystone)

Cyndi Parker (retired, designed very innovative pieces under the M'Lady Stitches name)

Dakota Rogers Designs (her Bargello cats are classics)

Sorry, the Dakota Rogers website appears to be defunct now but she does have a Facebook page.

Darleen O'Steen (See Needle's Prayse below)
Mostly counted thread but some designs are intended for counted canvaswork.

David McCaskill (primarily a teacher but his counted pieces are lovely)

email David at or contact him via his Facebook page

DebBee's Designs (Debbie Rowley)
There are free charts available in the Blog section.  "Square 1" is also available from the online video section and if you sign up for her email list you can also get a free design.

Here are more free charts from Debbie.

Debbie Rowley (see DebBee's Designs above)

Debbie Stiehler (some of her teaching pieces for ANG's magazine are online)
"Seasonal Geometrics:  Autumn Palette"
"Seasonal Geometrics:  Winter Palette"

Deborah Forney (primarily a teacher but does have charts and some painted canvases for sale.  Debilyn Designs is her painted canvas company.)

Her website is defunct so try a Facebook page.

Here are three of Deborah's new "Labyrinth" series.  Use the side arrows to navigate.

Design Crafty
A fabric designer, she is trying her hand at needlepoint.  Here's a free floral chart based on one of her fabric florals.

Design Gallery Inc.

Designing Woman (See Sally Corey above)
Sally does both painted canvases and charts, some charts are re-released from her 1970s books which are out of print.  I think PDF versions of her charts are available from her Etsy page.

Diane Cunningham 
See Embellished by Needle below

Diane Grant (see Canvaswork Plus above)
UK designer with Etsy store who has done several articles for Needlepoint Now magazine and a small booklet

Diane Herrmann Designs
Diane's "Walking the Water's Edge" is a classic.  Her designs are only available as classes, although some places allow ghost stitchers and she has taught cyberclasses.

Diane Scott
Diane is Canadian and teaches all over at Canadian guilds and seminars, but she doesn't appear to have a website or blog.  Here are photos of some of her designs as finished models.

Dollhouse Needlepoint Patterns and Kits (Natalia Frank)

Dorothy Lesher (retired needlepoint teacher)
You can view Dorothy's work on her Facebook page.

Contact Dorothy about her available kits at

Duo Designs (See Sandy Arthur below)

Eilene Cross plans to publish several Victorian charts.  Here's a free snippet if you like a Berlin woolwork-type bird, possibly a parrot.

Elizabeth Almond (see Blackwork Journey above)

Elli Jenks (this New Zealand designer does rugs and dimensional buildings suitable for cross stitch and needlepoint)

Ellie Jollay Designs

Embellished by Needle (see Diane Cunningham)

Estella Saville Designs (charts available only from her Facebook page currently)

Estelle M. Kelley

Eterna Designs or Eterna Silkits (see Yodoma below)
This now defunct silk thread company published charts and kits to promote their silk under the Eterna Silkits name.  Here are two of the three Ginko Leaf designs.  I believe there were several larger kimono patterns.

Eye Candy (Ada Hayden's company)
Ada mostly designs painted canvases but some of her work has been turned into charts for cross stitch.  They'll translate into counted canvaswork pretty easily I think.

Here's a free Easter egg pattern.

Here's the newest Easter egg pattern.  The second link below shows both the 2022 and 2023 eggs made up.

Here's a summer-themed all over pattern with space for an initial.

Here's Ada's free fall pumpkin design chart.

Here is the winter Shimmer Tree.

Fancy Work and Fantasies (Carol Costello)

Father B Designs (the late NC pastor released several designs through RG as well as his famous book; I think there is a free one on the Rainbow Gallery site)

Finger Step Designs

Flamingo Stitch
Fun belt designs and geometric patterns from Steve Oden.

Forever Memories by Design LLC
I know nothing about this company or designer except I've seen geometric charts that seem to be based on quilt patterns under this name on eBay.

Freda's Fancy Stitching (located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

From Molehill to Mountain:  A Study in Stitch Variation (classic pattern book from Pam Gardner)

Gail Sirna (teacher who sells some charts and retired teaching pieces)

Gale Stafford (primarily teacher)
Contact her via her Facebook page.

Gay Ann Rogers (retired teacher, sells directly only three times a year)

Gay Ann's Blog

Gayle Bicknell Designs

Genny Morrow Designs (website run by her daughter-in-law, Genny's NOVA is a classic)

Gingerbread Girl
(Kathryn Drummond, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

Glorifilia (UK tapestry kit company)
Glorifilia sells mostly printed kits to be stitched with Anchor tapestry wool but they do have some charted designs for sale.  Also try to find their out-of-print books which have many of their earlier pieces charted with color blocks.

Handblessings (Eileen Gurak)

Hands On Design (Cathy Wutzke Habermann--mostly cross stitch but some counted pieces)

Cathy's blog

Harbor Light Designs (Paula L. Towner and/or Penny Dougherty-both people seem to have designed under the same name)

Heartfelt Designs (See Carol Storie above) - Canadian teacher and designer
Carol's candy bowl design is a classic and now available in her Etsy store.

Heritage Designs Inc. (see Joan D. Gantt below)

The Horne Collection

Jan Anderson (See Needlepoint Originals by Jan Anderson below)

J and J Designs

Jan Fitzpatrick (see Thread Medley below)

Jane Zimmerman (retired teacher and author who occasionally sells charts)

Janet Granger (specialist in dollhouse rugs and other miniature items)

Janet's blog

Janet Zickler Casey Needlepoint Designs (famous for her Santas, old teaching pieces are available on her site)

JBW Designs

J. R. Patterson

Jean Farish (Jean Farish Needleworks)
Browse her Etsy store for charts for various types of needlework or her website for free designs.

Jean Hilton (sold by her distributor)

Jean Taggart (charts, teaching pieces sometimes available on eBay)

Jeff Kulick Designs
email him at
You can see more of his work here--

Jemini Designs (see Jeannette Rees below)
mostly cross stitch patterns in charts and teaching pieces

Jennifer Riefenberg (primarily a teacher of outlined designs - Her "Carrots" is a wildly popular class.)

Jenny Henry Designs
This UK designer of tapestry kits offers digital downloads occasionally on her website.

Jeannette Rees (Jemini Designs)
Jemini Designs is her line of cross stitch charts but she also teaches

Jeannette Tombaugh (See Mountain Peaks Studio)

Jill Rabius-McGrath

Jim Wurth (retired teacher)
Jim's charted ornaments and larger designs are now available exclusively from the new Desert Oasis Needlepoint Supplies but are sold as complete kits, not the chart only.  Keep an eye on eBay if all you want are the charts. The shop is in Cathedral City, California, which I think is in the Palm Springs area.

Joan D. Gantt (Heritage Designs Inc.)
no longer published, these older charts are classics and well worth watching for on eBay

Joan Lohr

Joan Masterson (Retired?  The only place I've seen her charts is on eBay.)

Joni Stevenson (primarily a teacher, she does sell kits and some class materials can be found on eBay)

Don't miss Joni's fabulous informative blog!

Julie Fera (Canadian designer but I cannot find a website or source to order charts)

Julie Sackett

June Moes

Just a Few Stitches Among Friends (collaboration between Suzanne Howren, Tony Minieri, Beth Robertson, and Meredith Willet)

Kaleidoscope (classic Needle Necessities chart, adapted from a Sue Lentz design by Tony Minieri)

Kam Wenzloff - a new free design is at the link below.

Karen D. Dudzinski (see Textured Treasures below)

Karen Hauck (Karen uses a lot of line drawn designs and hand dyed fabrics to create interesting effects)

Karen Hennessey (See Zecca below)

Kathy Holicky

Kathy Holman (See Needle Fantasies)

Kick Back and Stitch (Terry S, Gifford)

Kimberly Design

Kimberly's blog

Kimono (classic design based on Maggie Lane's outline by Letje Jackovich; the cover page sometimes is labeled Hummingbird House)

Kitty and Me
Patricia Kellog is a cross stitch designer who does some cute shaped designs that translate well to counted canvaswork.

Kurdy Biggs (See Threedles below)

Laura J. Perin Designs

Laura's blog, where she has a series of free designs.  One is below in the second link.  Search her blog using "mini mystery" to find others.

Laurel Knapp (See Mountain Laurel Designs)

Lee Ragan

Lesley Barnes

Linda Lachance (See Northern Pine Designs)
She has some particularly lovely Bargello type charts.

Linda K. Reinmiller (Heart Work from My Hand - teacher who sells some designs)

Linda's blog

Liz Morrow of LizArt (Bargello and other design styles)
Liz died in December 2020 but transferred her copyrights to Rinda Just so that her designs live on for us to enjoy.

Liz has several free designs available.

Liz's Blog

Liz Turner Diehl

LizBeth Napier

Lorene Salt Needlearts

Loretta Spears Designs/ Needle Adventures (available only on eBay or in stash sales)

There are free Loretta Spears designs online.

Louise S. Meier (her Japanese Ribbons chart is a classic that you may find on eBay)

Liz Turner Diehl (primarily a counted thread designer but some of her booklets are needlepoint)

Lynne Tomlinson Designs

M'Lady Stitches (see Cyndi Parker above)

Margaret Bendig (teaches but sells some designs)

Margaret M. Frederick (charts of an interesting mix of designs only seen occasionally)

Margaret Kinsey (
Primarily silk and metal embroidery and Rozashi)

Margery's Designs

Marianne Frost Designs

Marietta Douglas
I think she teaches at ANG chapters but have not been able to find any contact information.

Marina's Home (UK designer of kits worked from charts with Paternayan in half cross)

Marion Scoular (blackwork)

Maribel Crafts
Here's a free chart.

Marla Pelz

Mary Beale (counted canvaswork and cross stitch designer, with most designs workable either way)

Mary Clubb (her Patchwork Coat--actually a kimono--is a classic, usually only available on eBay)

Mary Duckworth

Mary Waldsmith (Owl Stitchery)

Melba Kelly
Email her at to purchase the holly wreath design

Merrilyn Heazelwood Needlework
Merrilyn specializes in counted work and online classes and kits.

Michele Roberts (known for her gold work, Michele also does counted designs which can be hard to find)

Mindy English
Her stitch books are fabulous, too, even if they are really embroidery stitches for linen.

Morgan Julia
Normally a painted canvas designer, she has released a charted tequila bottle that's fun.

This one's NSFW.

She also sells small cute charts on her website.  Love the dog in the ghost Halloween costume.

Mountain Laurel Designs (see Laurel Knapp and Christine Day)

Mt. Tam Canvas Workers Chapter of the American Needlepoint Guild
This chapter sells original charted designs as a fund raiser.  Their current charts are a series of hearts on their home page.

Their "Hats Off to Halloween" witch hat spiral bound book was very popular several years ago and still a classic Halloween series.

Mountain Peaks Studio (see Jeannette Tombaugh)

Nancy Cucci (teacher whose class projects show up on eBay occasionally)
Nancy doesn't have a website but she does have a Facebook page where you can contact her.

Nancy's Needle (Nancy Buhl)

Natalia's Fine Needlework (Natalia Frank)
A designer of dollhouse rugs meant to be stitched on silk gauze, Natalia has quite a few free patterns that will work on larger ground fabrics like needlepoint canvas and Congress cloth.  She also sells kits to stitch some of the free patterns if you don't have a source for threads and ground fabrics.

There's a free Red Bird design for Thanksgiving from Natalia on this website.

Needle Arts Mystery Retreat (a yearly retreat featuring a mystery project designed by Pat Hartman, Mary Knapp, Linda Reinmiller and Debbie Rowley)
The designers also offer cyber classes.

Needle Delights Originals

Kathy's blog  (she has an updated website, so the new blog link is the second one below; the first link will be discontinued shortly-January 2020)

Needle Fantasies (See Kathy Holman above)

Needle's Prayse (See Darleen O'Steen above)
Mostly counted thread but some designs are intended for counted canvaswork.

Needlepoint Dads
Designer Dan Blackwelder and software master Harvey Kravis have collaborated to bring Dan's amazing charted pieces to a wider audience.  "BW Squares" is a free download.

Needlepoint Now (magazine)
Some popular projects form the magazine are available for purchase as charts.

The magazine also has free designs in their newsletter occasionally.

Needlepoint Originals by Jan J. Anderson (geometric quilt inspired patterns with Hilton type stitch)

Needlework by Nikki (Nicola Fairhurst in the UK)

Nikki's blog

Needleworks (Sue Hawkins, UK designer of both needlepoint and cross stitch designs)
I particularly like her little scissors keepers which come in fascinating shapes, even tiny houses!

Old Town Needlework
Charli at Old Town Needlework has published at least two charts in Southwestern colors.

Orna Designs (Orna Willis)

Orna's Blog

Orna's Etsy Site, now including charts in PDF form for instant download

Pamela Harding (newly retired from teacher; will hopefully sell charted designs)

Pamela D. Pabst (Angel Thread Designs)

Pamela H. Gardner (See From Molehill to Mountain above)

Pat Mazu Designs

A profile of Pat

A free design from Pat

Patrica Hartman (See Creative Reflections plus Pat helps run the Needle Arts Mystery Retreat)
Pat also teaches for the Shining Needle Society's cyberclasses occasionally.

Patchwork of Piece (classic flag design from Mary Clark Donegan)

Peg Dunayer Designs (famous for her clever needlepoint etui boxes and quilt patterns, some of which were published in Needlepoint Now magazine) - Note that her website has disappeared.

Pippin Studio, famous for their painted canvases, is branching out into charts.  Right now two Halloween designs are available.  Their website is the second link below but this is for informational purposes only.  They sell only wholesale.

Rachel Atkinson (I believe she was primarily a teacher of counted techniques for EGA)

Rainbow Gallery

Richard Seekins
His website is no longer active.  Look for his charts in various online stores and on eBay.

Rising River Design Company (silk gauze kits from a company that is out of business now)

Ro Pace (Needlepoint Designs by Ro - teacher who sells retired designs)
Sharon Quick is now selling Ro's charts for her.  You may email Sharon to ask what she has available at or you can contact her via her Facebook page.

Sharon's Facebook page has a photo album of Ro's charts, by the way.

I am told A Stitching Shop in Denver also sells Ro's charts.  They don't have a website, just a Facebook page.  Their photo number is 303/727-8500 and their hours are 10-5 p.m. Monday-Saturday.  Their email address is

Ro's blog  (you can reach her via email at or leave a message on Sharon Quick's Facebook page)

Russell House Designs

Ruth Dilts Design (teacher who also sells charts)

Ruth Schmuff (Tis the Season and Classics with a Twist designs)

Sally Corey (See Designing Woman above)

Sally does both painted canvases and charts, some charts are re-released from her 1970s books which are out of print.  I think PDF versions of the charts are also on her Etsy page.

Sally London

Sandi Ragan

Sandy Arthur (Duo Designs)
Although not primarily a counted canvas teacher, Sandy has a fabulous (and free!) sampler designed to help folks learn stitches besides the basic tent stitch.  The online lessons are posted on Sandy's blog and here--

Sandy Rodgers or Sandra S. Rodgers (silk and metal embroidery teacher whose designs turn up on eBay occasionally and who will sell instructions and books via her website) - Note that since Sandy's death I'm not sure if her class instructions are still available.

Sandy's website

Scarlet Thread (Jeff Kullick's former distributor)

Although now more famous for her painted canvas designs, Sharon Garmize started out in the 1980s designing miniature rugs and working custom pieces for doll house collections on silk gauze.  It's worth trying to find some of her rug charts on eBay. You can see one stitched here.  Sharon no longer sells the charts although you might enjoy a visit to her website to look at her painted canvases.

Shay Pendray (famous teacher and TV celebrity with several silk and metal charted designs sometimes available on eBay)

Shenandoah Stitchery Designs (Michael Boren)

SJ Designs (Susan Johnson) - counted canvaswork and some perforated paper designs which work on both needlepoint canvas and as cross stitch designs; she also sells wonderful beads and sequins.

Susan Johnson of SJ Designs has posted another free chart on her website.  This one celebrates Halloween and is intended to be done all in beads, but of course you can use thread instead of you aren't into beading.

Susan has several free designs and alphabets available for download on her website.

Stitch One Needlepoint

Stitchplay Designs - (Michael Boren and Carole Lake collaborative site, teachers who sell some designs)

free design

Sue Dulle (SD Design)

Sue Hawkins Designs (UK cross stitch, counted canvaswork and crewel designer, author of many books- see Needleworks above)

Sue Kerndt (a frequent seminar teacher whose Patches collages--Patches, Holiday Patches (above) and Halloween Patches--are particularly popular) - email her at

Sue Lentz (I believe primarily a counted thread designer.   Her "Kaleidoscope" modified by Tony Minieri for needlepoint for Needle Necessities to showcase their threads is a classic and very expensive if you can find it.  She's also done charts for Rainbow Gallery so you might find a small design by her in their Free Needlepoint Charts section on their website.)

Sue Reed Designs (watch for class projects on eBay; you can also contact Sue via her Facebook page)


Sunshine Needlearts (Elizabeth J. Zafiris)

Susan Chaleff
email her at
Quite a few f Susan's charts are in Needlepoint Now magazine but you can see "Heart of the Cabin" here.

Tanya Berlin (Berlin Embroidery)
Although Tanya is mostly known for her blackwork and needle painting, she has free designs on her website that translate well to needlepoint.

Terry Dryden (teacher but sells old class materials)

Terry Hajduk

Textured Treasures (see Karen D. Dudzinski above)

Thread Medley (Jan Fitzpatrick, specialist in rug designs - email
Jan plans to shut down her website on December 31, 2015.

Jan's blog

Jan's Etsy store

Thread Technique Team (T3)
Composted of Ann Caswell, Suzanne Howren and the late Beth Robertson, these three teachers and authors have some interesting charts and also painted canvases (often with stitch guides).

Threedles (Kurdy Biggs)

free design from Kurdy

Kurdy Biggs of Threedles has posted a free chart on her website.  This is her 2014 design called Four Friends.

Tink Boord-Dill Needlework (charted alphabets and designs plus painted canvases)

Tink has an Etsy store where you can buy downloads of some (but not all) of her alphabet books for monograms.

Trish Burr is best known for her needlepointing on linen but she occasionally does pieces on needlepoint canvas.  This free design combines needlepoint and linen and a needle painted flower.

Twister (classic design from the late Patricia Spenser)

West End Designs (UK designer and teacher Yvonne Close)

Wiehenburg Designs (German cross stitch company branching out into counted canvas work; also sells lovely hand painted canvas for stitching open designs)

WorksByABC (see Arlene Cohen)
A fabulous stitcher, Arlene never saw a type of needlework she didn't want to try.  She sells some of her original designs as charts on Etsy.  Visit her website (second link below) to admire her stitching of other folks' designs.  By the way, her charts are now available through Hoffman Distributing.

Many of Arlene's designs are available in several versions.  Her Gossamer Lace can be done in cross stitch or in blackwork, for example.

Yodamo (see Eterna Designs or Eterna Silkits above)

Yvonne Close (see West End Designs above)

Zecca (Karen Hennessey)
This painted canvas designer also has at least three counted canvas projects.  Here is the third on Facebook.  Contact Zecca via their website for more information (second link below).

Don't forget the free charts from many famous designers on the ANG and thread company websites.  Some teachers have free designs on their sites as well.  Here are the links to the best places to explore:

American Needlepoint Guild Stitch of the Month Program

Caron Collection (Look under Designs--for Caron booklets to purchase-- and Free Patterns, Designer Spotlights and Online Classes)


Rainbow Gallery


Susan Johnson said...

Hi Jane,
Could you please update the SJ Designs link? That's the old site which is no longer being updated. The newest link for pattern books is:
Thanks! Susan

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Thanks for the update, Susan. I'll change the link right away!

Anonymous said...

Could you please locate, if possible, a site for Wanda Linsley, creator of Dresden Kitty and other pulled thread creations? I used to be with EGA, but the chapter closed years ago. We never did anything by her, and EGA doesn't list her e-mail address, and searching online has proved futile. I'd like to purchase Dresden Kitty if/when it becomes available after EGA retires it this December.

Thank you very much for your time.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

I'll see if EGA has an contact information for Ms. Linsley. Give me a day or two to get an answer back, ok?

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Anon, I've heard from Wanda Linsley who is on the road right now. She says she'll email me contact information when she gets home again. Stay tuned!

Unknown said...

Does anyone have a contact for Alice Okon? We would like to do a program at my guild of one of her designs.