Thursday, May 9, 2024

Books, Books, and More Books

Melissa of the Wool and the Floss says butterfly canvases were everywhere at the Spring 2024 trade show.  I'm sure she's right but what I noticed were canvases for the book lover.

My absolute favorite is Thorn Alexander's "Read the Room." Cormoran Strike lovers, this is for you.

The Gingham Stitchery has books to charm you.  (Note that Winnie the Pooh is mostly out of copyright now so anything A.A. Milne is ok to buy.)

Jenny Henry has the Cozy Bookshop (on 13 count).

Mopsey Designs has three pages of book themed ornaments.

The Book Canvas, distributed by Mopsey, has a new Jane Austen book stack ornament.

Plum Designs has a series based on The Secret Garden.  I love the little garden glimpsed through a keyhole.

Mopsey also has a Secret Garden ornament.

Plum also has the Ex Libris Bookplate which you can customize with your name or initials.

Wake Robin has one, too.

Blue Ridge Stitchery has immortalized the NY Public Library in needlepoint form.

"Stars Hollow Books" is for fans of Gilmore Girls from NDLPT Designs.

Saturnalia Stitching has gone all out with their Bookish collection.

Froopy knows "The Book is Always Better Than the Movie."

And on a more specialized note, Saturnalia also has a darling Snow Cat Mobile Library design.

Gingham Stitchery has the "I'd Marry the Beast for that Library" piece.  Truer words were never spoken!

Walker has several book canvases:

If you browse Etsy, you'll find all sorts of interesting designs, including this fun triangle bookmark.

Three Thimbles reminds us there are so many books and so little time.

And Crude Canvases lives up to its name.

I just found Heidi the Book Lover on Instagram. She's one of Mopsey's Designers but I love how she Instas books and needlepoint.

(Here are explanations of the symbols on her book canvases.)

We have two book stacks, one with a Christmas tree and one without.

There's a third stack of Harry Potter book titles.

I don't know who created the "Dear Reader" canvas but it would make a cute bookmark.

"The Plot Thickens" is a shop exclusive from The Wool and The Floss.  The designer is Saturnalia Stitching.

I don't know the designer for "Happily Ever After" but it sure is cute with its fairytale castle on the pages of a book.

Kyra Cotter Designs has lots of new book-themed small designs for Penny Linn.

Need a stack of books key fob?

The Meredith Collection's reading mouse is adorable.

Happy reading to all those bookworms out there!

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