Saturday, May 4, 2024

Debbie Does A Stitch-a-Long

Debbie Rowley of DebBee's Designs announced a stitch-a-long using her "Revelry Reflections."  I don't do many counted pieces myself--they are really difficult if you can't count to even three reliably--but because she's such a talented teacher and posting about the stitch-a-long on her blog, I thought I'd document things here.  First up, here is Debbie's announcement.

She explains in detail how she chooses threads, with an overdyed thread as her starting point.

Now it's time to put your canvas on stretcher bars.  Debbie uses Evertites, but she has an interesting tip on tightening regular stretcher bars.

I can't find the chart for this design but I think she's starting in the middle of the canvas and that everyone is supposed to follow the design as she posts it.

First we have waffle stitch.

Now, reverse waffles.  (I didn't know there was such a thing!)

And reverse sprats heads, which again I didn't know existed!  This stitch-a-long is very educational.

Now we have a triangle-shaped Amadeus stitch, courtesy of the immortal Jean Hilton.

Now the Amadeus triangle is reversed.  It's an original stitch from Debbie and complicated but it's pretty.

Debbie is amazed that the herringbone square is actually a diamond--but Debbie, it's a square ballerina standing on point!

Now we finish the corners.

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