Monday, June 10, 2024

Five Vases Three Ways

Years ago Melita took a class from the designer SharonG herself around Sharon Garmize's "Five Vases with Curly Bamboo" which you can see unstitched here.

Melita used SharonG's guide for this beauty.  Sharon's a master of light coverage stitches as you can see with Vase One, the green one on the left with a feather design.

Some of Melita's chapter buddies are also stitching this.  Some are using Sharon's guide, some guides by Amy Bunger or Tony Minieri.  In this blog article Melita worked the ruby glass vase which has lots of beads.

For the teal blue vase with the dragonfly, Melita stuck to Sharon's light coverage although the guides by Amy and Tony have more solid stitching (and Tony has full coverage on all the vases apparently).

The yellow floral vase was stitched next, including the bamboo stalks in the vase.

Melita can't find the blog posting on the final vase, the cinnamon one, but this article talks about it briefly and also talks about the different ways the stitch guide writers approached this design.

Three versions of this design were  submitted to ANG's Needle Pointers magazine so if you subscribe you may see more of this lovely design in the January-February 2021 issue.

By the way, this article also appeared in the CH Stitch Guides blog since it is about stitch guides and different approaches to stitching the same design.

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