Monday, May 20, 2024

NJNA Shares the Fun for May

The latest chapter of the newsletter for the New Jersey Needle Artists chapter of ANG is out and it is full of ANG news, from a review of the new issue of ANG's magazine to Seminar news.  If you are looking for a light with magnifier that travels well and doesn't have a cord, the newsletter has three recommendations for you to check out.   They also have information about beautiful wooden trays that attach to any brand of floor stand from Rock A Way Custom Wood Products.  Rock A Way doesn't seem to have a website but they do have a Facebook page (second link below).  

The newsletter has news about a stitching getaway, a new stitching club featuring one of Kelly Clark's mermaids, and what Morgan Julia is doing with a company called Packaged Party.  There's also a link to a new shop selling needle minders (and magnetic chalk boards to store them on) called Flamingo Toes Shop.  We all need more needle minders, right?  

NJNA has a great tip for inexpensive covers for your magnifier so you don't burn the house down if it's left in a sunny spot--get together with your stitching buddies and buy bulk velvet drawstring jewelry bags online! Safe, soft and any extras can go to storing that fabulous string of pearls you wear to go out on New Year's Eve.

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