Needle Felting on Needlepoint Canvas

This needle felting tutorial uses the small 6x6 version of the Timeless Tiger from Leigh Designs' Imari design series (above) as an example.  This piece is on 18 count canvas.

Note that Sandy Arthur, who has taught needle felting at a lot of shops by now, recommends the needle felting be done last unless you are doing something nearby (like ribbon stitches) you don't want to risk poking with the felting needles.  She's found her students catch the felting on the back in their stitching next to the felted areas if the felting is done first.  Sandy's the most experienced needle felter among us, so felting last is probably safest.  By the way, Sandy now has a guide to needle felting available in her Etsy shop--

Don't forget to be careful with those sharp, barbed needles!

Hours Spent on Needle Felting Tiger, including the top stitching details - sixteen
Times I Stuck Myself with the Felting Needle - twice (no blood, but be careful)




How to Needle Felt A Tiger

Adding a Body and More Stripes

Adding a Face and Ears

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Sandy Arthur is now selling Clover wool roving and other needle felting supplies from her Etsy shop.    She feels that Clover's wool roving is the best available.

Needlepoint Tool Time now sells the Clover needle felting tools as a complete kit. Everything except the wool roving is included.

Donna shows how needle felting can be used in a non-traditional way--combined with Flair!

Ruth's Rules for Needle Felting

Ruth's Needle Felted Squirrel Finished

Kelly Clark Demonstrates a Needle Felted Bee

BeStitched has a needle felting video

Needle felting can be used to create a dimensional item to add to your stitching later.

By the way, if you want to take a needle felting class, look for one by Sandy Arthur, who has taught more needle felting than any other needlepoint teacher to date.  She also has tried felting from the back side so that the front has a slightly different, fuzzier and less sculptured appearance.  Consider doing this for something a little different yourself if you have the right design for this look.

Kelly Clark, Toni Gerdes, Ruth Schmuff and Brenda Stofft are other well known needlepoint teachers who use needle felting in some of their designs.  Ruth's felted squirrel and Kelly Clark's bee are linked above.  Here is one of Brenda Stofft's needlefelted sculpted needlepoint dolls.

Here's a list of current classes from Toni.  Check out her Autumn 3-Ways to see how she uses needle felting.

You can pick up wool roving many places including a limited selection of colors at the big box craft stores.  Here's a highly recommended Etsy source.

Vicky Witterschein is doing a Zoom class on needle felting.


Sara Leigh said...

I'm so glad you made this a tab on your blog. I finally got some materials and supplies together, then pondered the prospect of finding all the posts you made about this. Thank you for making my life so much simpler!

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Happy to help! I'm going to start writing the next article on this shortly. Got delayed by Destination Dallas deadlines. Stay tuned!