Recommended Online Shops

Very often I'm asked by new stitchers where to find a good online shops.   All shops listed in the link below are either my personal favorites or were nominated by many of Blog's readers. Here's the link to my Best Needlepoint Shops 2019 article.

Those who don't live in the United States but who enjoy the U.S.-style of needlepoint can have a hard time getting supplies.  With the assistance of friends who live overseas and online sources, I am starting to assemble a list of shops especially helpful to those who need things shipped to them outside the U.S.  NOTE THAT THIS LIST BELOW IS FOR SHOPS THAT SHIP OVERSEAS!  If you are a U.S. customer, check the list in the link above.  Remember, you may have to pay import duties for things you have sent into your country.

By the way, someone has recommended Expat Express as a company that will collect your packages from the US and ship them on to you.  I'm told they aren't too expensive but I have no personal experience using them.

A Dragon's Tale has a list of recommended shops that do mail order on her blog.  The majority of the shops listed are in the UK or USA.

In alphabetical order, here they are:

123 Stitch
(more a counted canvaswork and cross stitch shop with lots of scrapbooking and other craft supplies but quickest shipments to Australia)

Bedecked and Beadazzled
(Ruth Schmuff's shop; she ships overseas a lot and is known for her customer service)

Casa Cenina
This cross stitch shop in Italy is said to carry lots of threads and is a fast shipper.

The Eye of the Needle
This shop in Lexington, Kentucky ships anywhere.

Fireside Stitchery
(excellent service and fast shipments to Australia)

Flying Needles
Dianne Colitz at the Flying Needles in Florida will get the canvas, threads and write a stitch guide if you want one and ship it to the UK for you.  Probably will ship other places, too. Just ask first.

Homestead Needlearts
This is a shop in Michigan that ships overseas.  Theresa the owner is very helpful.

London Bead Company 
(particularly useful for shipping threads and beads from England to various European countries)

Louise's Needlework
This Ohio shop ships overseas.  They have classes and clubs, too.

The Makers Marks
A new venture, this UK company has big plans.  Their website is brand new but their Facebook page has quite a bit of information.

Needle in a Haystack
Great shop!  They are geared toward counted thread and samplers but carry lots of interest to any stitcher.  The online thread catalogue is very useful and they also have lots of helpful videos.

Needle Case Goods
This Etsy shop used to be brick and mortar but now is online only.  Nancy Wagner the owner carries some painted canvases and needlepoint charts plus lots of Weeks Dye Works and Gentle Art Sampler threads as well as great Pieceworks Needles, scissors, linen, perforated paper and more.  Geared toward cross stitch, Nancy is always happy to help folks grab threads that more needlepoint oriented shops might not carry.

Needlenook of La Jolla 
(great communication and supplies beautifully packaged)

Needlepoint Couture
(great communication and supplies beautifully packaged)

The Needle Works
This shop in Austin, Texas has every thread you could ever want, lovely classes, a large selection of canvases and a great sale in December.  They also sell Amy Bunger's Home Study kits now that Amy's retired from being a shop owner.

Sew Fancy Inc.
Not a needlepoint shop but this Guelph, Ontario, Canada shop carries lots of sewing supplies.

The Stitching Shop
This shop in Denver, Colorado is very helpful with communication for overseas customers.

The Stitch Smith
This New Zealand shop has some wonderful kits.  They ship to the US and UK.

Thistle Needleworks 
(Note that Thistle Needleworks is the main site for the brick and mortar store, and Alex Paras Needle Arts is the fancier painted canvas website for the shop.)
email -

Traditional Stitches
This Calgary, Alberta shop is primarily counted thread but the owner carries lot of threads, tools and bare needlepoint canvas.

Village Needleworks 
Ships to the UK only right now, but hopes to be able to add more international destinations.

West End Embroidery
This UK shop has their own charts and carries lots of unstitched canvas and threads.  I don't think they have painted canvases.

If you know of a great shop for overseas or U.S. stitchers not listed, please Comment below or email me directly at chilly hollow at hotmail dot com so I can add to this list.  Thanks!


Ellen said...

Great shop for canvases and stitch guides...Pocket Full of Stitches in Lubbock, Tx

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Thanks, Ellen. Does PFOS ship overseas? This listing (except for the top link) is for overseas customers.