Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Belleza's Jewelry Part 2

The Pendant Finished, Except....

It's been hectic here in Chilly Hollow so it's taken me some time to finish Belleza's necklace and pendant.  But they are finally done!  The chain is beaded while the pendant is a mix of gold threads, beads and Swarkovski crystals (the daisy-shaped marguerites and a button).

Muslin Basted on Back Side
However, after I read what Ruth Schmuff did for her Eye Candy "Mod Hearts" piece, I had to try it to add a bit of dimension to Belleza's necklace.

Slit Closed and Excess Muslin Trimmed
Peggi at Tapestry Fair has done trapunto on a Christmas wreath needlepoint and suggested I just baste around three sides, then stuff through the open side but I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to stuff the corners well that way, so I cut a slit in the middle of the diamond shape and stuffed through it.  Then I sewed up the slit, took out the purple basting stitches that held my muslin in position, and trimmed the excess muslin to reduce bulk on the back side.

You probably can't really tell it but Belleza's pendant now raises gently off the black background of her tunic.  Success!

Flashy Necklace--Hurrah!
I've started working on her mirror, which is likely to take quite a while, so don't expect an update for several weeks.

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow
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Robin said...

What a wonderful technique. Thanks for sharing, Jane. I am scouting around to see where I can do some trapunto. Hope the Sandy Storm doesn't bother you much in Chilly Hollow. Hugs to you. Robin

NCPat said...

This is very clever! Love it!

Peggi @ Tapestry Fair said...

WOWEE Jane - This looks like real jewelry! Hope you are safe and weatherng the storm.

Suzanne said...

WONDERFUL! I am planning to try that padding idea myself....looks great!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous, as always -- hope you're weathering well during The Storm.

Anonymous said...

ooh la la! i love the effect!

Goldylox99 said...

Such inspiration! It is beautiful! Your mind must go non-stop, putting together all these ideas.

wenhkc said...

Always a treat to see Belleza. Lost your email address so couldn't get in touch with you. Hope you are battened down for Sandy and any damage is manageable. -- Wendy TC