Friday, November 10, 2017

Breaking News: Ann Spiess Mills Designs Available Again!

Japanese Angel

Starting in January 2018, Tapestry Fair will start bringing back the designs of Ann Spiess Mills.  Ann's designs were one of a kind, so Tapestry Fair has to borrow unstitched canvases from private stashes to reproduce the patterns.  This means only a few will be available at first.

Sewing Nun

But if you are an Ann Collector and have quite a few of her designs tucked away, consider loaning one or more to Paggi at Tapestry Fair to have them made into masters and then shared.

Kitchen Monk
I am a big fan of Ann Spiess Mills so I posted images of some of my favorite designs.  Sadly I have no canvases to loan to Peggi but I imagine many of you do.  Hopefully she will be able to make many more designs available now that Ann's family has given the ok.

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  1. This is fantastic news! I have a large number of them, and will get in touch with Peggi.

  2. Terrific! Thanks for being willing to share, Melinda.

  3. Thanks Jane! I love the ones in your post - hopefully someone has them stashed away. Looks like this will be a busy painting year , and I'll adapt them as fast as I can.

    1. I've got my fingers crossed. There are some real stunners out there somewhere.