Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Big Picture

Above is a photo of the wizard that I didn't crop to give you a sense of the empty space above his shoulder on the right I think I should fill with something. The top of the white area is about where the arched background shape will end. I'm considering a firebird or a stained glass window since each fits the design and I have examples that the designer Joan Thomasson has done to look at.

Margaret, you'll notice that earth no longer has the grid lines. After you noticed they looked a bit thick, I removed them. I'm looking for another black thread to use instead now.

This is a close up of the purple robe area. I'm doing layers of stitches here, starting with diagonal lines of the two shades of plum Impressions, followed by some silver metallic and now (at the top of the area) rows of doubled purple Accentuate. I plan at least one more layer, a lighter purple Accentuate that isn't doubled. In person it looks very nice but I doubt you can see the metallic shine that I can in person.

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  1. I can see where it is, but I am sure it is more shiny in person. This is going to be a gorgeous robe!

  2. It is very shiny in person now that I've finished three steps and started the fourth. I will probably finish with star shapes on top but that's not certain yet. I'm just thinking that might look nice....

    Jane, making it up as she goes along in CH

  3. Hi, Jane--

    This is another beautiful project, and your creativity really enhances the piece! One idea: when you put the grid lines back over the earth, would there be a way you could "bend" the longitude lines so they make crescent segments that meet at the poles? Latitude lines are horizontal parallels, but curving the verticals might suggest a globe shape and make it read more easily as the earth.

    My 2¢,

    ~Belle in the other CH = Chino Hills

  4. Belle, the lines are curved slightly already. I used stem stitch to try and bend them in the correct position. Since they looked upright to you, I slanted my second attempt slightly to make them look even more curved. Optical illusions made this view straighter perhaps, or maybe I should have done many more shorter stem stitches and built in a more pronounced curve.

    Thanks for the hint!

    Jane, waving from CH to CH