Friday, November 21, 2008

Jeweled Cuff and Beaded Jacket

This next photo shows the Medieval Cat in the Household Pet Guardian Angel series with her jacket beaded and the lower skirt finished with gold and silver Kreinik in the centers of the trellis of diamonds. You can also see the jeweled cuff next to her paw. And you can also see the trouble I'm going to have at the hem of the skirt. See where the pattern ends right before the blue outline? I stitched the background tent stitches in DMC #8 perle cotton (color Ecru) right up to the line but not over it so you could see that I should have turned the cat onto her head and started the pattern of diamonds so that they covered the blue line, not stopped just before it. Why? Because the ecru tent stitches won't cover the blue line completely. (This is why I recommend that you use a light gray or yellow marker, not the blue I have to use for you to see photos of my canvas.) You will be able to see bits of blue between the stitches. I'll talk about what I did to take care of this problem later. If you look carefully at the cat's head and paw, you will see how fuzzy that area is and can anticipate what I ran into when stitching the tent stitched around those two areas. Of course you now know to tent stitch around any areas you plan to make fuzzies. Except for these two looming problems, she looks very nice, though!

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  1. I love that she has jewels and a beaded jacket!