Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Finishing Touches

I've been doing finishing touches all over this canvas now. I'm working on the wall between the window and shelve, outlining with black #4 Kreinik braid the bouys and other items I stitched with my white #5 perle cotton.

I also added the red bow to the little mermaid's tail, using the Mandarin floss I've used for the small dog's collar, the wall highlights, etc. This is big canvas so there is still more to go.

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  1. Looking good! You will have this done in no time! Love the Lady with the Leopard Hat!!

  2. Isn't she great! There are a whole series of these ladies, all based on 1940s movie stars, from Leigh Designs. The best place to see them all is here. Your lady is Hedy Lemar.

    There are some exclusives also at AP Needlearts that are similar but not based on any particular movie star.