Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Rabbit Geisha's Clothing

Last night I finished the lower skirt of Brenda Stofft's Rabbit Geisha using my Half Tony stitch (which is actually the bottom half of the Sally's Diamonds August 2009 Stitch of the Month from ANG's website).  The brass colored lining inside the sleeves is done also, which means I've finished all the lining bits you see at the hems of the skirt, tunic and sleeve interiors. This means only the lighter blue sleeve trims, the pink and green ribbons, the tassels and a ton of gold outlining are left on the outfit the geisha wears.  I think I need to do a lot more background before I start on the last items she wears or I will be doing boring background for the last week of the project!

If you look at the left side of the lower skirt, you'll see one section is the same dark brass color as the lining of the inside of the hems of the skirt and tunic.  I simply switched to my Gloriana silk and stitched that section in the same stitch as the ecru section stitched in Mandarin floss.  The darker color is simply shading on the rear part of the lower skirt.

Before I forget, the Chart of the Day today is actually called "Summer Morn" but I mistyped it as Summer MorE and decided, given the cool and wet fall weather we are having, that more summer was appropriate and left it.

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  1. Jane, it is coming along beautifully. I love the half Tony stitch on the bottom of the skirt. I do think you've done a great job of adding detail and fanciness to areas that were rather plain. And that definitely was needed.

  2. Thanks, Nancy. Having such a plain outfit was hard as I didn't get many hints as to the right stitch but it seems to have worked out ok. Now I'm debating whether to add gold metallic to the lower skirt....

  3. Could you do the green tassles in a metallic or the ribbons in a metallic? I'm not a fan of gold, so I'm always looking for ways to add other metallic colors besides gold. You could also do the blue sleeves in a metallic to really differentiate the blue from the blue background.

  4. First, the rabbit is gorgeous, and I love the gold metallic idea for the bottom of the skirt....especially if you put some in the cuffs! OOOHHH LAAAA LAAAA! Second, Woohoo for the SharonG class, I am so excited! I am going to pull out some of mine from my stash right after I sign up!!

  5. I'm thinking of changing the green tassels to the same navy blue silk and metallic I've already used but the ribbons will need to have the same gold edging they are painted with. Actually, I think only one ribbon has a gold edge but the fan has gold on it and I want the two areas to echo each other. If that makes sense.

  6. P{at, I'll see you in the SharonG class. I'm excited, too.