Thursday, October 8, 2009

Catching Up

This is a hectic week for me, with various meetings each day and not a lot of time in the mornings for Blog. So I've neglected writing you as much as I should.  To make amends let me introduce The Spinster Stitcher and her Floating Hearts design (taken right from her blog).  A lot of folks love this pattern--including me--but the designer's name wasn't on the canvas and Coni didn't know who designed it.

Enter the winner of today's Needlepoint Detective Award, Marilyn. She sent me a note with the following information:
"After seeing this delightful piece, and in view of the apparent mystery surrounding its origin,  I undertook some research and managed to locate the designer (Alice Peterson, design #1469) and her representative.   Since there appears to be a continuing interest in Floating Hearts I thought I would share the information I obtained from Christine Tate (, in case someone would like to place an order.

Although it is a discontinued canvas, Christine can obtain it.  The price for the canvas only would be $72.00 plus appropriate sales tax and postage.  It will take 3-4 weeks to have it painted.  The design size is 10 x 10 on 13 Mono Cotton Canvas."

Thank you very much for the research, Marilyn.  I know there are quite a few folks who will be interested.  Here's a link to the Spinster Stitcher's blog, by the way.  Today's entry is hilarious!  The photo above comes from her blog entry dated September 26, 2009.

Ten enabling points for Marilyn, by the way.

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    You are absolutely wonderful to write about me and my silly doings on your blog! I am just amazed that the stitchy world hasn't shown me the door yet, so I suppose that as long as I'm here I'll continue to enjoy sitting at the cool kids' table!

    Thanks for passing along all of the info on the Alice Peterson canvas. I received so many nice compliments on it, and would be thrilled to see other stitchy interpretations!

    As for enabling....YOU get a gold star on the forehead for all of your fabulous posts about these canvases! My wish list now extends to a third page in my stitchy book! Bad girl!

    Thanks again, dear stitchy friend. You ROCK!

  2. Silly Con. You belong at the cool kids' table, if there is such a thing in NP which I doubt. Who would keep us honest and laughing if you weren't there?

    Glad to help enable your stitching. For sure you have enabled the rest of us! Turn about is fair play. Just remember to collect the stuff you really love and you'll be happily stitching for as long as you wish.