Wednesday, December 16, 2009

NEWS FLASH: Pocket Full of Stitches Closing

I heard a rumor yesterday morning that Pocket Full of Stitches in Texas is closing in a few months so the owners can enjoy retirement.  I waited until confirmation was received via an email inquiry from a long-time customer to the shop to post the news here.  Pat posted this message on the ANG email list last night and I repeat it here this morning in case you don't belong to that email group.

"Good Morning, Pat,  News spreads fast!! Yes, Nancy and I are going to retire this spring. We are posting the news on the front page of our website in the next couple of days. We will continue with business as usual until the middle of January when we will announce details about upcoming sales, deadlines for ordering and finishing. We should be closed by the end of April. We are
entertaining a couple of inquiries into the purchase of the store at this point, so you never know what might happen. I would appreciate you posting this message on the ANG yahoo group for
us and ask them to check the website for more explanation,

We have had many inquiries today and do want everyone to know what is happening.  Thanks and Merry Christmas!!!

Keep your fingers crossed that the shop does acquire a new owner.  Many of us have enjoyed PFOS' monthly clubs, their superb customer service, their fun newsletter, and of course the owners themselves. If you are a long time customer, please email them your gratitude for the shop, ok?

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  1. PFOS has sold to two former Pockettes and will stay open business as usual!