Thursday, January 14, 2010

More TNNA News (and Beads) UPDATED

My spy at TNNA (Vicky of Needle Nook of La Jolla) has reported in. NN of LJ didn't have a sold Internet connection and couldn't report via Twitter or any other way, but Vicky is willing to share all the things she noticed with us this morning. Thanks, Vicky!

Vicky speaks:

My favorite things at the show are: and first and foremost is the amount of new items in Melissa Shirley's booth! over 300 new canvases. She is so amazing with all these designs. The show stopper in her both and in the show is the "kitchen ballet" with the dancing lobsters which can be seen on her website. The second favorite in her both is the large Thanksgiving day pieces. She had them framed in a gold shadow box and were quite impressive.

Second favorite is the wine canvas from Lani. A large 20 x 20 piece on 13 mesh with a large bunch of grapes in the middle that looked so real that you wanted to eat them, surrounded by a wine bottle, wine labels and wine names. [Note: There's a photo of this on the Needle Works blog I mentioned earlier.]

Shorebirds has some wonderful new pieces that can be seen on her website. [Click on the link below and then New in 2010.] Some of my customers preordered from that! the cat was a favorite, along with the new obi limited edition pieces and the long panel too. They will be stitched with Brenda Hart.

Leigh showed the individual Chinese opera masks, one of which Brenda is stitching. There are 8 and we will see one of them coming up on the front of Needlepoint Now.

Maggie and Ewe & Eye only showed new items and a few new designers that are very exciting! lots of cats and dogs.

We got to see the Halloweenies from Kelly Clark that Amy's new home study. Very exciting! I took the Kat Z. Witch class with Robin King and she is amazing! [Note: There's a photo of Kat Z. Witch here.]

Susan Roberts/Tapestry Tent has come out with a Christmas March since the Halloween march (or was it parade?) was so succesful!

ThreadworX will is overdying Vineyard Silk and Au ver a soie...about 20 colors to start.

Glorianna is also overdying Au ver a soie, but the colorways are totally different from Vineyard.

June McNight has a new book-stitching with overdyes done all in color!

Julia Snyder also has a new book.

Vicky promised more news as she gets home and unpacks the goodies.  While we wait, Eileen of Ridgewood is picking up the slack on her blog.  She's done a full report with lots of photos.

Nimble Needle has also done a quick report on TNNA. Her felting on NP canvas class sounds amazing!

Many thanks to the shop owners who have taken the time to report in to us, either directly to Blog or to their own blogs.  We GREATLY appreciate your being our eyes and ears at the trade shows!

UPDATE: I write Blog first, then check my emails and other blogs, so I just realized that the Barbara Elmore Thread Head canvases that folks loved are up on Barbara's blog.  These are a Must See!  [Jane exits, laughing.]

In CH news, I've finished beading the front and back designs on my laying tool case and have done the first border of beads plus the loop closure.  Photo above.  The next step is to make a copy of the canvas so I can use the xerox to cut out the Ultrasuede lining piece. I want to do this now because the fancy outer bead border will make it harder to figure out exactly where the edge is.

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  1. Thanks, Kimberly. It is nice you are checking in on my progress, and I can report your instructions were very clear and I have stitched this without too much trouble, even though I am not good at counted thread pieces.

    It's beautiful in person. Wish you could see it!