Monday, March 15, 2010

Still Grumpy

I'm still grumpy this morning.  Our road is closed to traffic but the river is receding and it should open soon.  The road across the river was under quite a bit of water and probably will have to be cleared of debris before it is passable.  See the moss-covered tree with the two parallel horizontal limbs?  The top limb shows about where the river bank is. You can clearly see how far inland the river is from the bank.  The photo doesn't show that the trees on the far bank are standing about 2 feet deep in water.  I took this photo yesterday after the river crested. The water level is dropping now.

I'm also grumpy about the Tardis door windows.  This is how they look today.  I like the spacing on the left door but I think everything is about 3-4 threads too high, so today I'll start at the bottom of the left door, rip out each panel and the window and restitch them lower down.  After I am sure of the placement then I will finish the right door.  Oh, well, since the road is closed I might as well get this right.  Right?


Everyone stay safe and dry on this dreary and wet Monday.

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  1. I am glad you are safe....this has not been the best winter for any of us! It is another grumpy morning here to as it is back to driving to work in the dark....aaarrrggghhhhh!

  2. Mother Nature hates us all, doesn't she? Our house is waaaaay up away from the river. If it floods here, it is the end of the world. The worst we experience is being cut off, and of course that is a worry if the power or phones are out but usually it is just an inconvenience, not a real problem. We are quite lucky to be warm and dry and grumpy, not in danger.

    Your grump, wondering where the sun is in CH

  3. Jane, glad your safe as well, I hate the day light savings time, too. Hope you can get out soon, are you or have you been to Woodlawn?

  4. I was out and about Monday, but haven't been to Woodlawn. I need a sunny day with no other chores scheduled as it is a very very long trip!