Sunday, October 3, 2010

Great News! Elaine Magnin is Back!

My spies report that Elaine Magnin, the San Francisco shop that has been an institution for years and just closed this summer, has reopened under new management and a new name in the same location--3310 Sacramento Street, San Francisco CA 94118.  Apparently the phone number is 415/345-8779.

It's now Golden Gate Needlepoint.  There's a bit about the shop on this local news site.  Look under "Following Up."

I never got anything but the best customer service and terrific prices from Alan when he owned the shop and I expect his former employees will carry on in the same way.

I can't find a website yet but hopefully that will happen soon.  If you are in San Francisco, please visit Golden Gate for me and tell the new owners I wish them well.  (Many thanks to my local reporter for this good news.)

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  1. Elaine Magnin is not back. Rather, Golden Gate Needlepoint, a new business, is operating in the same location. When Alan Ferrara decided to close Elaine Magnin, his former employees, Caroline Moody and Reiko Berger formed their own business, leased the former Elaine Magnin premises, and opened their own needlepoint shop on September 30, 2010. They have a new selection of canvases, specializing in unique and unusual handpainted designs.

  2. Thanks for the clarification. I can see I didn't make it crystal clear that the new shop isn't Elaine Magnin but a new shop in the same location with the same folks running it. I've been told they had a wonderful opening day, with snacks and the walls painted a new and beautiful orange-red color. I wish Golden Gate NP good luck and many happy years with us stitchers.