Friday, March 18, 2011

SharonG Art Stitching

Regular Blog readers will know one of my favorite designers is SharonG.  I love realistically shaded canvases and she does some of the very best.  Some of Sharon's Italian landscapes were inspired by a series of photographs Denise took around her place in Ponza, Italy.  Denise kindly has posted the framed original photos and her stitched interpretations on her blog.  Click on the photos for a better look. Isn't it interesting how SharonG changed the elements in the photos to make the design her own?  Denise did a fabulous job stitching the canvases.

You can see good photographs of the plain canvases on SharonG's website.

Speaking of SharonG and fabulous stitchers, wait'll you see what Belle did with the SharonG dragonfly sampler....

Amazing designs interpreted by amazing stitchers!

By coincidence, Rittenhouse has published a bit about stumpwork kits and the beginner's class they have planned. If you are interested in learning more about using stumpwork in your stitching, you will want to give this a read.

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  1. Jane

    I just received Sharon G first book and I have to say it is great. Lots of stitches and ideas where to use them as well as hints about canvas enhancement. Love the size and protective cover. She is working on Number 2 and I bet it will be just as great.

    Sue VanderNoor

  2. Thanks for your compliments, Jane. I really did enjoy working on these, and knowing the beautiful locations as well as I did, they were all a labor of love. I hope others enjoy stitching them as much as I. And I saw that beautiful dragonfly canvas: OMG! Sharon is just my favorite! Denise

  3. Your stitching is spectacular, Denise. I am thrilled we can see it along with the original inspirational photographs. Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful area with stitchers everywhere.