Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More from Dallas

Vicky DeAngelis is continuing to report from the Dallas cash and carry show.  Her blog has several postings showing what is going on, starting with a glimpse of the Needle Deeva's hotel room display.

Here are other hotel room displays for other designers plus information about their new products.  Thanks, Vicky!  So many designers never update their websites with new items that often the only way we hear about them is through our sharp-eyed spies like Vicky.

Robin King posted a photo of the new sequins from Sundance on Facebook.  The Collection has sequins available, too.  Your local shop can order them for you if you can't get them locally.

By the way, Nimble Needle has posted a photo of a brand new Amanda Lawford brick cover canvas.  Seahorses!

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  1. Hi Jane,

    Could not find Robin King on Facebook. Do you have a link? Thanks

  2. Try this to find Robin--

  3. Thank you Jane, found the page but did not find the sequins :) Must be the rainy day. Had the worst commute in years this morning. WIsh I had stayed home stitching. Never drive in a storm again, seriously. You probably got the same storm we did.