Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Not Knitting, It's a Chicken

Do you have the same problem with your spouse I have with mine?  Beloved constantly refers to my needlepoint as "knitting."  I don't correct him anymore, since this is a waste of time--as anyone who's been married more than 15 minutes can tell you.  They hear what they want to hear.  (I'd like to think I'm not the same way but I wouldn't bet my stash of threads on that point!)

This is a long introduction to the funniest thing I've read in a long time, courtesy of Barbara Elmore.  She has a funny story to tell about how her rooster piece got its name. It's a lovely realistic fowl portrait and an amazing piece of needlepoint, but the thing that got me laughing is the link her sister sent her.  Read Barbara's article first and admire that amazing bird before you click on that link.

Also put down your drink and get out the kleenex because reading Barbara's link made me laugh out loud until I cried.  Don't click on the link until you are someplace private, either.

The next time my husband calls needlepoint "knitting" I'm going to tell him it's not knitting, it's a chicken.  Then I will collapse in laughter and he'll shake his head in wonder.  He might even not call it knitting for a while for fear of my becoming hysterical with laughter again.  [snicker]

Marriage is a wonderful institution, isn't it?

UPDATE:  There's more to the chicken story Barbara linked to.  There are even t-shirts for sale.  Two versions, one more polite than the other. Plus a baby Beyonce complete with flying wild boar on the little one's head.

UPDATE #2:  Ann has a similar problem.

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  1. Jane, I didn't know you had a problem with my spouse! Hahahaha! I have enough problems for the both of us! Anyway, mine doesn't refer to my needlepoint as anything at all. He's afraid...very afraid to make any comments on it. And poor man...he really doesn't understand our humor. He is a great guy..but such an academic he has difficulty relating to my artsy side or sick humor, evidently. I can't stop laughing though...and I'm going to use your comeback too, next time someone calls it knitting! Can't wait to see their expression!

  2. Barbara, you crack me up. We need to go on a road trip together with our spouses. It would be an eye-opener for them!

    I think pretty soon folks are going to avoid the entire topic of needlepoint when the comeback we came up with sweeps the nation!

    Enjoy the t-shirt and little statue links. I might need one of those shirts.