Friday, November 25, 2011

Evolution of The Maggie Lane Kimono

Any needlepointer over forty has probably seen the Maggie Lane kimono booklet, which took Maggie Lane's outline and put different stitches in each section to create an Asian style sampler.  The booklet for this piece used all ecru threads but John Waddell has taken the piece and moved it into the 21st Century with a variety of colorways and new threads that weren't available when Maggie was alive or even when the booklet that used her outline was published.  (Note that there is a smaller version of the Ietje Jackovich Kimono.  I've seen this booklet although I can't find a copy online at the moment, so if your copy seems different than the photos, that's why.)

John taught this class at Chaparral several years ago but those photos are no longer on the website since the class is long over and the shop has changed hands.  Still, you can see quite a few colorways and thread collections on the SHS website.  Just follow the links in the article above to sign up.

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